"Convo" with my Business Manager - Annotated

Actual transcript between me and Rick @ Forward/Slash Management today via email:

Ty: 10:09 AM - Hey, Rick. OK, I'm gonna send portfolio stuff for AHR here, FYI:

Rick: 10:42 AM - What's AHR?

-sent via Blackberry

The best part of having a "business manager" is that they keep track of everything you do, you know, so you don't have to. They "manage" my "business," right? "What's AHR?" Classic! And I pay for this service. That's the very best part. No, the VERY BEST part is Rick has a Blackberry. Ahh, good for Rick, he didn't edit his sig file.

Ty: 10:43 AM - An Historic Record, the gallery exhibit. Your idea, remember? We talked about this just last week.

Rick: 11:12 AM - Of course, my man! X-cellnt plan and it's not just because it's my idea, ha-ha!

-sent via Blackberry

I absolutely love that makes the point of this being his idea. I guess he needs to put it "on record" for billing or auditing or something.

Rick (new emailing): 11:16 AM - if the reso is good enuf, I'd be interested to see em at 18"x24" n up. Make these lil snapshots larger than life, baby! Just like my new favorite emerging artist, Ty Hardaway!

-sent via Blackberry

I see he remembers my name isn't Todd. Good work, Rock! The separate emailing leads me to believe he had to look up my "file" or "profile" or something. Good to know I'm Rick's new "favorite." Why do I feel like such a whore?

Ty: 11:17 AM - That's what I was thinking, too. That would be quite bitchin'. Maybe have them printed to posters.

The prints I have now are for gig-getting. I'll figure a way to get 'em bigger once a show is committed.

I'd have take the prints and scan them for higher resolution and reprint them. Can do it myself or have it done. Blah-blah.

Rick: 11:31 AM - Posters! Bitchin' indeed! Don't worry, baby! I'll have the grfx people here do all that for us. We'll just wrap that in the incidentals. Once the $$$ start rolling in, we'll never evn notice a little grfx scvs fee.

-sent via Blackberry

Again, the in-house service offer. My reps are so generous and caring. I've checked their rates. They have all this overhead loading that makes every hundred dollars of service sum out at like $430. WTF? I have to say that I'll do it myself as part of my art or my contract details that I have to use in-house services. Bastards!

Ty: 11:32 AM - But my art is very much about my DIY ethos. Like hand made stickers, toaster oven shrinkwrap, you know.

Rick: 11:49 AM - Great! So I'll take care of all that. Have a gr8 1, buddy. Make every day a perfect day.

- Rick @ Forward/Slash Management
Fresno, California, USA

-sent via Blackberry

The old closing of the ears and shouting, "I can't hear you!" technique. Uh, no, please Rick, don't "take care of all that," you're bleeding me dry as it is. Oh yeah, but I'll have so much "$$$" "rolling" in that it'll be irrelevant. I'll be all Jeff Koons and shit with money. Thanks, Rick, thank you very much.