New Old Money Lust

now that i have everything
the drive is dead and i wallow in all of this
when i had nothing
the hustle was strong and i fought for all the scraps

everything is nothing
nothing is everything

what was once reward is now only
a minor and nagging annoyance
what was the stuff of dreams
now manifests as dismissible

nothing was everything
everything will be nothing

now that i have everything
i now have everything to lose (& nothing to gain)
when i had nothing
i had nothing to lose (& everything to gain)

everything is nothing
nothing is everything

here among everything
there are absolutely no excuses
when there is nothing
survival does not procrastinate

The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle from Ty Hardaway on Vimeo.


Getting to Nothing

Sometimes it seems that the majority of time effort and energy
is burned getting to nothing

Where “nothing” is the briefest of moments
of balance clarity purity and space

Moments where things are simultaneously
all-caught-up in-progress and pre-planned

These are the transitional segues between
all the things that otherwise occupy

As the obvious can be mistaken for cliché
getting to nothing is the path to middlespace