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The Story of a Boy and His Runaway Balloon

As I finally settle into my bed, the image I see in my brain’s projection is that of a little boy, in a field, running after a red helium-filled balloon that has clearly gotten away from him. Just a boy, a balloon, and a field.

The balloon floats, its ribbon flutters as it blows steadily just out of reach. The little boy, in a classic stereotype casting of a little-boy-in-a-red-cap, runs in quick, steady, high steps through waist-high grass. There is purpose.

The balloon never rises more than about eight feet into the bright, horizonless sky. The boy's hand is always just out of reach of the ribbon; he comes so very close to a catch on several occasions. But it hasn't happened...yet.

The boy presents no sign of trepidation. Determination may not even be the best description either. There’s nothing really. Just this scene of a little boy running nonstop through waist-deep grass chasing a red balloon, the ribbon trailing.

In my mind’s movie, it feels very much as if the boy is running in place. And it is the field, the earth, as a result, that is turning at the very pace the boy runs, hand outstretched, changing little in affect or cadence. The image feels like a never ending flip book. Or an animated .gif as the kids know well.

It became difficult to sleep because I watched and wondered about that little boy all night. Was he me? Was I the balloon? Was it just brain games? But it felt powerful and affirming nonetheless. Just a boy, a balloon, and a field. Today, this is everything.

[boy & balloon]

The Story of a Boy and His Runaway Balloon