L is for Leisure

Surface Tensions
I realize that I am doing way too much
Yet the pieces still all fit together
Constant distractions and surface tensions

No actual satisfaction
Nothing accomplished
No victories

The learning never ends
Hardly ever enough time for everything
Inadequacy is written into the script

Acceptance does not equal defeat
Instead we must keep moving forward
Eyes fixed to horizon
Shedding unnecessary weight
Necessity dominant

Still observing and rehearsing
Auditions previews and focus groupings
There is so much more I have to do


Barry Said A Thing
So Barry said a thing but it wasn’t the thing you thought he said
People fear the unknown

Barry said a thing in the last remaining place where a person can say a thing

People fear intelligence

Barry said a thing that represents fully what it was he was attempting to say

People fear knowledge

Nobody expected Barry to say a thing

The unknown is the absence of knowledge

Barry proved himself once again



Authentically Fake
What is authenticity?
Actor is audience is actor
Regardless of subtlety or audacity
We are the stars of our own
autobiographical documentaries

What is authenticity?
Even the premise is false
When everyone is trying so hard
to juice every system ever created
In the name of "competitive advantage"

What is authenticity?
Nothing is and so is everything after all
The same rule applies to all the rules
Because they are all invented
and enforced as deemed convenient

What is authenticity?
No truths yet no lies
(N)either contrived (n)or derivative
Original sin original gangster
These patterns exist for a reason

What is authenticity?
Is it pretentious to ask?
It is
Narcissism is as authentic as
narcissism isn’t