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Untitled (7/30/13)


It's Called Beats

3 Birds - 1 Stone

four in the morning is

four in the morning is probably

the very worst time to be awake

too late for thought-less sleeping

too early for the distraction of activity

four in the morning is haunted

just memories and longing

thinking and remembering

everything so desperate to forget

four in the morning is missing

everyone and everything you

want and need and lost and broke

every mistake every regret on repeat

four in the morning is hope

that you will get it right this time

that there is a path

to fulfill a fading destiny

four in the morning is sad

and lonely and embarrassing

every error illuminated like

the summer dawn's early light

four in the morning is deep

and wide and cold and wet

drowning under thickening ice

heart beating in your ears

four in the morning is the realization

that the past is gone and

the future is uncertain and

this thing called "present" never fully exists

four in the morning is a mirror

held before you like a

real-time documentary of

the horrors of a life completely wasted

four in the morning is probably

the very deepest of solitude

too quiet for the drama of sobbing

too still for flagellation and redemption


It's Called Axe



Historic gambles on massive scales
Trusting systems
Trusting instincts
Trusting signals
Trusting people
Trusting the universe

All in
all or nothing
double all or double nothing
something for nothing
nothing to lose
riding and dying

The bigger the stakes
the better the gamble
The better the gamble
the bigger the payout

And it will always be about
the payout and
the thrill of the roll
The tinkling of jackpots

To even create back-up plans
Contingencies just in case
Is only evidence one never
fully believed in one's initial idea
Failure from launch
inferiority inherent

Juggling eggs in a single baster
Believing systems
Believing instincts
Believing signals
Believing people
Believing the universe

Steps Need Swept

i just swept the front steps again
so that when someone finally visits me in here
they will not think that i am a slob

the majority of visitors i host are
package delivery men and cold callers
or the stray neighbor in need

the peaceful rhythm of sweeping
backing and forthing balancing
dig and loft dig and loft dig and loft

mostly tree bark and a stray leaf or so
some moss that will soon need attention
bricks untouched by most human feet

when someone finally visits me in here
i will set out some crackers perhaps
and offer appropriate beverages

but for now i will look again out
to see if the front steps need swept
an impression to manage

It's Called Wove


July 10, 2013

The cycles are what destroy
expansion in heat
constriction in cold
First fatigue
then cracks noted
Eventually down comes the entire house of mirrors

There is never logic
always make believe
Constructs built upon quicksand
on fault lines and
never with clear title
An existence that is virtual at best


I have never belonged anywhere
but that has never before slowed me
Your rules and regulations 
laws and proscriptions 
are falsely theoretical and
can never apply to me

Punishment expected
is no longer punishment
It becomes merely all we live
all we know
Words and deeds exploited
to anger, frighten, and shove

It's Called Choke