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In A Blur

NY Robin wrote me early this week to discuss something she wanted to attempt. She was about try to shoot around the city without vision correction focusing entirely manually, of course. This is something that has been close to my mind for quite some time now. The discussion sparked something buried.

Initially, I wasn't sure what I was looking or hoping for with this experience. There was definitely a naive notion that I would present output that closely resembled what I saw with uncorrected vision. That is a pretty simplistic paradigm (and so bokeh). But after further consideration and after conducting some blind tests, I've concluded that this experience reveals something different and unexpected. I think that I've opened a window on a new area for discovery.

While shooting, and struggling to operationalize what I was doing in this frustratingly blurry haze, I noticed that I was working very hard on how I was composing. Likewise, I was finding all sorts of new subjects calling out for attention. I was also actually thinking about composition and execution; something I have clearly taken for granted with sloppy habits and insights for a while now.

What I need now is a day in a new location (city, farm, college) and an escort/bodyguard/driver that keeps my blind ass out of Harm's Way™.  I can't wait to make blind portraits of people. I'm thinking of trying 24 hours in this blur.

Oh grant for this please rain down upon me.

Basket of Buns




Autumn Morning Front Slash

[The Sky set - one more to go]


There was a note in my notebook to make this loop: "Calvin Loop on Headphones"

So I made it.


This Is The Title Of This One by Ty

It has been a long, hot summer filled with an assortment of events and stories that occupied the collective attention span for however long the medications lasted. So what? Aside from geology and weather, none of it was really important.

We are again standing at the precipice of another Field Mowing Day awaiting that first autumn memory. The clap of the starter's gun. Spirits and omens be damned, the ideas are loaded and we are all jumpy in the blocks.

This is the time of summer where it appear as if some, if not most, have just given up entirely. And despite brave protestations, they know we know the truths. One more domino falls. One less soldier of the fort. Bittersweetness. But we feel slightly empowered by it all.

We go back to our work because our work cannot produce itself. Not yet. The days only get shorter when more needs to be accomplished. "We are our own art history."

Dog meet pony. See you at the show.

Attractive Whirlpool