God Bless Me?! 07.21.03

Is it not you

So young and impressionable

Supple and porous

Glaring at me with

That glazed one-yard stare?

Hypnotized with promises

Of eternal life

Wings, harps and visits with dearly departed grandma

Always absolutely right AND

Correct beyond debate

A mere child looking down

Your nose with pity

At what has to be

A heathen of the grandest scale

Me beyond belief

Untitled 06.23.03

Long ago I realized just how truly

Pathetic I am

We all are

I have been at the paramount JUST long enough

And JUST enough times that I know what I’m missing

It goes way back – to the day

Lives of self-censored lies

What is real happens to be real

Although I try to live I ultimately

Fail time and time again to fulfill potential

But now I no longer care

Deconstruction 06.23.03

When it starts to break down

It really snowballs from here

From outside outliers to the inner circles

of questionable deal making and promises broken

To that filthy coating of oils and sins

that tends to cover you from neck to knee

When it starts to break down

It really flows like lava with

relentless power and electricity

Pretensions balanced on delicate fulcrums

Played pop hits of the retro ages

I have become like the recipient of spewed venom

We bring me here for checks

And balances proves far from simple

Nothing is ever simple anymore

Even sleep proves elusive

I feel the effects of mileage

I have to be near the end of lines

Like water that appears to very flat

When all along it is so round

And endless

like nightmares



i saw

this year's