2022 - 33 - End


End of the Slide (thankyouverymuch)

    Recap 2022

the shortest day demands the shortest story
unless that story is about the dark then
the longest night demands the longest story

they are now saying that people like people
because of who they are and not possibly
only because of their contributions

which makes so little sense because
that is simply not enough data to
base confident attributions otherwise

i thought that there would be fewer
things that i did not understand
at the age i have become

but the more i know the more
i come to understanding that
i know significantly nothing

privilege is a concept i cannot
comprehend because it blinds
everything in its golden pathway

who are we and who am i
in particular because
how does one get to be here

through fight and struggle
through wit and determination
to be the very best all the time

the right and the wrong
and the morally ambiguous
and the all too easily justifiable

forces us into positions to defend
for right or wrong
but we are data bound nonetheless

with the weight of history and
the weight of entire populations
we stand for what we believe

so here we are indeed
alone and all together now
this is the us we created

the longest night demands the longest story
unless this story is about the light then
the shortest day demands the shortest story

    2022 the end


Knowledge (From Where) - Attic Day 2022


From where does the art come?
    Is it a this-for-that transaction?
        or is it sometimes borne from


Is art simply an individualized form of
self expression for awkward people
to drop hints and clues of
who they really are?

There is pleasure and there are pleasures
    Experiences individualized and as
        customized as anything

Curated to within
    a gasp of life

Inspiration being something more valuable than gold

I know what it is I do
I am simply a perfectionist