Ghosts and Glitches
in machines and matrices
voices only my own now

Connected yet disconnected
the vulnerabilities are like
bulldozers driving through fog

All it takes for
the whole house of cards to fail
is just a little gravity

There comes a point
of no return for
each and every process




Sliding Home Again

 sliding home again

Today I’m feeling the slide quite deeply. Almost as if I’ve been anticipating it, waiting for it, and needing it. Now we can put this thing, or, all these things to bed. Finally. It’s not like everything needs a pretty bow or anything, but resolution is an extremely undervalued aspect of context.

the eagerness forces the choices

I’m used to the loneliness, really. It’s where the so-called magic happens. Things only get confusing when I try to pretend that I am a real human and there is a place for me among the people. Sometimes learning takes time. I have been productive for several decades. It happens largely in isolation, in quiet, in darkness. This is probably why I’m so awkward yet preserved.

long wakes and future gifts

I do sometimes get away from the process, out of plan, out of pocket, off-book, and lost in the forest. And it is with welcome relief and surprise that I can actually still find my way home. It’s like how I conduct conversations; leading everyone down meandering paths following scents and subtle movement only to deftly reel everyone back to tonic. I’ve been called a conductor, a producer, and a legend. But none of that means anything anymore. I’m just another person.

crossroads between a rock and into the fire

In the end (Indian) I guess it’s always going to be the same. That’s probably likely because this is exactly how I’ve built everything to be. From concept to design to curation, it’s all there, customized, optimized. For a while, anyhow, because if we’ve learned anything, it’s the realization that absolutely nothing is or will be forever. Forever is a myth like government and religion. Forever is the carrot and history is the stick. I think the two or three people who have actually taken a close look at this nonsense are most likely to run the farthest.




A Phrase

Complications of
Relational dynamics
A work in progress

Giving and/or receiving
Paradox indeed

With the best efforts
Of good deeds and intentions
Two things can be true

Holding up mirrors
Core skillsets and aesthetics
Unlost on the trail

But the day has come
Or has it already passed?
Views of tomorrow

I see through the knots
This is all built already
Sitting back watching

No need to gamble
When you possess everything
Blindingly wealthy

Pen goes to paper
Free from hashtag overlords
Looking up from hands

And in summary
Drinking the cool cool water
Meets expectations




Enough of Things


The mirror is not always the best place for reflection
    No one knowing who you really are

Have I not impressed you    yet
    Have I not entertained you    yet
        Have I not proven myself to you    yet

Yet for the very first of times
    I have proven myself to me
        All actions justifiable
            And irrefutable

I’ve paid my dues
    Says a man taking life advice
        From hippie and classic
            Pop songs from
                A long time ago

A person does have at a certain point
    The credibility and luxury to ponder
        Not only what was it all about
            But what the hell will it ever be

Even Pinocchio became a real boy
    But like everything else in history
        That was a nonfiction glitch

Put it in your pocket for a rainy day
    Let me tell you about the power