Binge days have begun, in earnest.

Karl Rove.

Listen, children. And, if you had listened the first time, we wouldn't all be in the situation we're in now.

Listen. Follow. Obey. Serve.

I'm here to take the chill off. To soothe the needy.

Karl Rove, my main man.

Let's feast. Let's binge. Let's pillage.

Karl Rove.


On vinyl, "Voodoo Chile" is the end of a side, and "Little Miss Strange" is the beginning of the next side. This makes sense.

Anyhow, the sequence design was for one to take a break after "Voodoo Chile." Rest, roll another. Pee. Eat. Then settle in for the next leg of the tour.

But, after the massive journey of "Chile," even on CD, "Strange" serves a distinct purpose: juxtaposition. It's the cold splash of water that prevents one from becoming insane. It's a life saver. After you realize that you've set yourself on fire, "Strange" is a handy, helpful hose.

It works, think, "Tom's Three Minute Single."



From 09.02.04 Washington Post

Hollywood, Calif.: The Republicans must be euphoric. Their leaders have been impressive, especially McCain, Schwarzenegger and Giuliani. The street demonstrations have just shown that the Democrats are not the kind of people you want to trust with important decisions. This convention looks like the turning point in the election. Are they taunting you yet?

Al Franken: Obviously I disagree. I thought Schwarzenegger made a huge mistake with the girly-man comment. I saw Giuliani disgrace himself by lying about Kerry and by exploiting 9/11 in a way that was shameful. For example talking about seeing a guy jump from the Trade Center and then making up this thing about thanking God George W. Bush is president. I don't think the demonstrators who misbehave were Democrats. And while I respect McCain I thought his comments about Michael Moore were unfortunate considering he had never seen the movie as he admitted later.

As far as taunting: you are going to lose, loser.