Late in 1999 the
prayer was to "...get
my act together..."*
Whichever were the
gods that answered
proved generous and kind

Fifteen years after
I ponder the
logical end game
to call wrap on
a phase an era and
Begin the BRAC**

Two years two more years
The year 2050*** set
to settle open tabs
The final sprinting to
outstretched ribbons and arms
Long live all the kings

* From LA Black's "Manifesto," 2000
** Base Realignment And Closure
*** Twenty and Fifty


Only Our Team is the Real Team

Keith’s solo on Bitch
My progeny is twelve-years-old
No I do not will not share

Let’s Take it to the Stage motherfucker
The intolerance of the middle aged cat
What my friend said about community

Floating on a lifetime of potential
Everybody has an idea
Execution is the only god

Somewhere something somehow matters to someone
Context sometimes
The process is the art

With many things I am actually done
Owner’s manual left unread
Time is the new boogie man

I lied
I Misspoke
I simply changed my mind


xEEx Made This


Every now and then a photograph by a friend is so captivating that I download it, work a little post-production, print and frame. Sometimes two friends who have never met and who live on opposite sides of a massive continent collaborate in ways that I cannot articulate.

On the left is a recent photo by Evan. On the right, a photo from a couple of years back by Helen. In my studio, a perfect diptych.



T. Cole

Deep Web Theory
These Kids Today
Impressed Because They
can make plans
have an idea
solve a problem
Certainly The Old Heads
Had Issues With My
Youthful Ambition
as folly
as reckless
as impossible
I Remember All Lessons & Critiques
All Words Are Wisdom
Fact From Hyperbole But
i don't care
i don't need you
i don't want anything
Legends Are Bigger Than
Individual Victories
The Journey is To The Mind's Center