The Past is a Present for the Future (exposición individual)
Don’t fear your past
Days come and then
they go away forever

The past is merely the story
you’ve constructed to explain
to people in the present
how you got so fucked up

The past is a big set-up
for a speculative future
you’re trying to fabricate

The degree to which you
love yourself or loathe
yourself will determine
how much you say you have
“suffered” or “embraced”
your life

Or, at least, how you tell
of your past and future

The past is a spurned lover
trying to reach out to
pull you back in

The past wants to weigh
itself upon your shoulders
The past is an illusion

History depends on
who gets to tell it

The past is the
least of my concerns
anxieties or worries

Because there is no past

To Be on the Cusp of 28 Again (exposición individual)
To be on the cusp of 28 again
Developmental instruction sheets left and littered
Ripened and awakened
Wings engorged with blood and moxie
Process beginning to trump output

To be on the cusp of 28 again
Carefree responsible and protective
Somewhere between anchor states
Built and occupied
Fulcrum balancing benefits and privileges

    The staging for the start
    Rehearsal for the show
    Break-in laps complete
    Throttles widening
    Acceptance of self and situation

To be on the cusp of 28 again
Pockets jingling with quarters and hands warm
Promises sincere and nourished
Taking charge
Riding life like riding a unicorn over a rainbow

Now it is the Present (exposición individual)
Now it is the Present
Every time you see this sentence
it is now the present
it is the present now
wait, now
it is the present

Now it is the Present
Each time you read this piece
it will be in your present
It is now at my past
But your present

Now it is the Present
I am writing this in my present
You are reading it in yours –
My past and in my present future
Still your present
No future
But now

Now it is the Present
Talking to you in the future is always
and forever the present
As it is the past
As it is the present
As it is the future

Now it is the Present
The only thing that
has ever existed is
the present
The past is a story
The future un-guaranteed

Legs Breaking (exposición individual)
I. I am curious if a border exists between where the performance ends and the actual life begins. What an odd place that must be. Very much like that dark musty shadow-space just off stage next to a sixty year-old curtain. No cast, no crew. That border is purgatory in so many ways.

II. Anyone who demonstrates too much knowledge of self or who suspiciously feigns any knowledge of self is more than likely putting on a little show. This tiny play may not even be for you or any external audiences.

III. Time and over time only; bits come and go with and all that time. Bits are learned. Bits are earned. Honed. Rehearsed. Workshopped. Scrapped and reassembled. Deconstructed and reconstructed.

IV. It is not the overlapping of bits that create the problems. It is the overlapping of audiences that create the problems. Work your performances but mind your audiences.



10 Project is progressing
20 Into a third & final year
30 Now an end within view
40 Ideas with 1 deliverable
50 In need of a good home
60 A First-Leisure Problem
70 Obviously the direction
80 Forever getting better
90 Goto 80

x3 (exposición individual)