Trade School (10.28.11 - A Friday)

It seems
Indifference toward "style" or "system"
Optimistic toward prospects

"Save the little boy genius from a self-employed zenith"
Pinpointing differences


There seems to be a new focus and purpose. Like I asked with the TGAs, "Is this now how it's going to be?" The little stuff isn't getting sweated upon. Just ignored for better or worse.


It's almost like you no longer have any control; runaway like trains. Projects overtake like aging or digestion. Almost like you never left; this place this middlespace.


I am comfortable here. I always have been. Just what is done. Regardless of how I do, this is--for whatever description--the what I've done.


It has and appears that forever it will be all about the project. Processes over outcomes. Addicted to process, I am the project junky.


Last of the 45s

Last Of the 45s

Sometimes self-imprisoned and
Haunted like casinos
Thank you Ameirca

Because perfection never ages
and beggars never whine
We cause the problems yes

If only because we can solve them
No shame all game
We are taboo since forever


Henry's Lid (at one-half his age)

Twenty Points of Fact

I was never a child - I was just born old, wizened, and weary into confusing circumstances.
I was never a photographer - I am simply selfish enough to insist on stealing moments.
I was never a writer - I have found ways to amuse myself in the English language.
I was never a guitarist - I have found the sounds I need in particular situations.
I was never a drummer - I've seen great and I could never do what is great.
I was never a student - I was not taught or modeled with study habits.
I was never a black - I can hear that I do not sound like TV blacks.
I was never a worker - I was just too busy running everything.
I was never a designer - I just trust my neuroses to inform.
I was never a husband - I was always going to be a wife.
I was never a lover - I love everything related to love.
I was never a father - I had my father as my father.
I was never a musician - I dig music most of all.
I was never a white - I have mirrors and eyes.
I was never a friend - I try to impress you.
I was never a Jew - I know the Mishnah.
I was never a man - I cry too much.
I was never a poet - I know that.
I was never a genius - I forget.
I was never a human - I am.

One Of Those Pieces I Don't Really Like But Had To Make Exactly Like This

Sane Planning - Sensible Tomorrow
Money back guarantee.



Hipster Bunny

This just arrived at my doorstep and I know who had it sent and it's rad so thanks a million.

October is a great month!


Being Good 2011

The conflict seems to be misguidedly contrived
And has taken on real lives all its own
As if conflict and hatred--however irrational--
Has gained some sort of artificial intelligence
With automated cycles of accusation and reprisal
Ever escalating eyes for eyes and tits for tats
Based historically on stories and folk tales
Of misguidedly contrived conflicts