The lids are kept on tight – the pool has no drownings
I know the police – they keep the kids from clowning

I know my neighbors and the neighbors know me
I feed their doggies they have my house key

I had a thought then I fought it
I had a thought then I forgot it

I am reparations
I am nothing at all

I am insignificant
I am ten feet tall

I had a thought then I forgot it
I had a thought then I fought it

I am the mayor and the mayor knows me
I talk to the babies they know where I’ll be

People keep the lights on – the alleys are pristine
I am the stranger here – the trees are crystal clean


Doctor Shackle and Mister Jive
A tale of two often opposing realities
grounded in too often opposing philosophies
Combining futures and pasts
All sin no saint
The things we do for a hot meal

Shackle and Jive the lessons and predictions
Public Private Partnerships
In silos and compartments
and condos and apartments
We can only sometimes be ourselves

Every motive ulterior
Every gesture chess play
Each new rising an opportunity
to perfect the unperfectable
If we believe it then it is so



Mixtape Tuesday: Week 29

Tube Amp Ritual

Tube Amp Ritual
the Kingdom of Leisure
R. Walkling & T. Hardaway

Obligatory Peach Song

Jerry 2 Part Hsu



eagerness to please
exploiting the natural tendency
that everything is started to fall apart
a sense of a world spinning off its axis
comfortable with acts of mayhem
reality remains negotiable
can’t undo a certain kind of damage

There are ways to make opposition palatable
an impressive amount of sympathy
one more way to avoid punishment
The fact that it was also kind of funny
a good person doing their best
a sense of order restoring itself by the end