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This nonsense about thinking “outside the box” is in my brain again
What fucking box? When did boxes appear in the paradigm?
Whom can we all thank for this now metaphor universal
For it is such a lovely romantic thoughtful imaginative…box
Not a boring confining limiting claustrophobic…box

Tired conventional and worn business-corporate splutter
I know it - I invented a lot of it - I can talk it - I can hear it
Ways to say nothing without meaning anything ever – at all
Or at least any one specific thing ever – at all
Circles and loops like a giant wooden seaside roller coasters

Maybe then we need to be constructing actual boxes
Specific boxes to sort and store all the crazy shit those
“thinking outside the box” types litter and spew for instance
Many magical boxes to archive and hide our losses
blemishes rejections and tired metaphors universal

Wanted: boxes
and plenty
all shapes all sizes
just get the boxes over here – hurry

Give me life liberty and a lot of hearty boxes
Places where I can manage my dignity and creativity
Where my stored youth and vigor hibernate
Intermittent access to all my lovely lovely adventures
I am in my boxes and my boxes are in me

A long life that of amazing events and moments
stored in many many boxes on many many shelves
Archives of our living here for brief moments of history
Breadcrumbs of secrets and deeds
constructing and controlling our own personal narratives

Boxes that can be locked and protected
Cherished or forgotten or rediscovered
Our records and stories filed and exhibited as chosen
Arranged and re-arranged and re-re-arranged again
Customized until right…thinking “inside the box”

Ten Images From Part Nine of a Project