Retrospective is so Retro

OK, I said I was going to do a retrospective. I've scanned a bunch of negatives. I've uploaded a bunch of stuff to Rhinosnort. So, there's a batch of B&W and a batch of color images. Most in the second half of November (anything with a year as suffix is probably part of the project like this, "Example 1999"). This is Part One...a bunch of stuff.

Part Two will move to the digital archives. I do not know when this will be accomplished but probably before I croak.

[all things retrospective and context]

Lost & Found 1984

Depew 2000

Freelancer Lab 1983

Donkey Town 2000

Ania 1999


I have to be the bearer of sad news. Remember Ania? She passed away over the weekend. She accidentally fell off a building 12 stories and died. it's shocking and so sad. Thought you might like to know.

Apparently she was at her school in Philly, on top of the building at a small party. She went to lean against a wall or divider of some sort and it gave way, and she fell off the building. That is all I know at this point. it's just so crazy.

- Jess, 12.03.07


Corcoran 2000

Eden > Garden > Etc. 1999

Walkling a Little Dog 1997

Prosperity 1998

Tree 1994

Cemetery (WV) 1995

Appalachian Trail 1998

Kaki 2000

Power Lloyd 1999

Zaireeka 1999

MLK 2000

Prosperity 1998


The Be@uty of Sp*m

caution in airing programs. The acting Chief Justice of Kenya won the toss and elected to field first. Those arrested, many of them bandaged and bruised, home.

Women admit, that too skinny and short pen!ses are completely incapable of pleasing them!

They just don't stimulate the walls of the vag effectively!
Luckily, due to MegaDik fast pen!s enlargement is now possible!

Let your pen!s grow to a perfect size, and your girlfriend will be pleased like never before!

The five permanent members of the United Nations were released when the prosecution apparently failed to It was a mistake-filled game for both teams, with
Cup, after their debut in the 1999, hosted by England. The Chief Justice of Pakistan was removed from his who has been missing for three days and is believed by

When the Monsters Came Home

Honestly > A Humble Change of Heart

I was going to write about politics...which morphed into religion...which led to the question, "What happened to Rev. Ike?"

I remember Rev. Ike from my childhood ghetto of the 70s. I think some relatives of mine probably got caught up in his scams. Apparently I'm not alone since the interwebs is FULL of stuff about Rev. Ike. In fact the Rev. Ike probably invented the godamn interwebs.

"The Bible says that Jesus rode on a borrowed ass. But I would rather ride in a Rolls Royce than to ride somebody's ass!"

Well I am here to tell you that the good Right Reverend Dr. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II, Th.B., D.Sc.L., Ph.D., is not only alive, but doing very well. How can anyone stay mad at Rev. Ike (unless you got caught up in his scams)?

I mean the man came up with "Thinkanomics." What did you come up with, huh? Answer me that!

"The LACK of money is the root of all evil."

"Forget about the pie in the sky, get yours here and now."

"Everything is a condition of the mind."

"If it's that difficult for a rich man to get into heaven, think how terrible it must be for a poor man to get in. He doesn't even have a bribe for the gatekeeper."
I mean the man has ringtones, dammit!

I want to be Rev. Ike.

Untitled (Murder or Unkindness)


1) This is the extent of my ornitholigical abilities. If I look at a crow and I think, "wow, that's a big fucking crow," then it's probably a raven.

2) I like crows and ravens. They're crafty, intelligent, and they mock us from telephone poles. They use tools. But last week I was walking through a parking lot and a bas-ass looking raven had a piece of pizza. He was making all those raven squack noises that are the bird world equivalent of "Bitch! Bitch! Fuck all you bitches!" A seagull came up and said, I'm a motherfucking seagull and I'm going to take your pizza. And when the seagull flew off with the pizza, I looked at the raven and said, "Pussy."

How badass is it when your group is called a murder? A murder of crows. Makes up a little for getting bitch-slapped by a seagull.

4) I also like ravens because when they walk, it looks like they have a big turd in their pants.

Henry Hyde...

from Wiki:

Savings and Loan Scandal

In 1981, after leaving the House Banking Committee, Henry Hyde went on the board of directors of Clyde Federal Savings and Loan, whose President was one of many of Hyde's banker contributers. The Congress deregulated S&L industry in 1982, and Clyde started to be occupied of the risky financial options, taking part in the loans for luxury residences in Texas and buying of a bank in the Islands Cayman, a notorious financial exchange to launder money. Hyde knew of such businesses and of movements often made or assisted on the Clyde board to continue them. From 1984, when Hyde left the board, it was clear to the directors from the reports that the establishment was failed, but Hyde and others on the board continued to give the inaccurate financial rewards to cronies and insiders and make it possible the establishment to overcharge the government on student loans. In 1990, the federal government put Clyde in the receivership, and finally paid $67 million to cover deposits of assured -- more than the cost to bail out out of Madison Guarantee, the S&L at the center of the Ken' Starr's failed Whitewater investigation. In 1993, the Resolution Trust Corporation sued Hyde and other directors for $17.2 million. Four years after, before pretrial investigation and depositions, the government settled with the defendants for merely $850.000 and made a special arrangement exempting Hyde from paying anything. Hyde was the only member of the congress sued for "gross negligence" in an S&L failure. Hyde utilized his political clout and stubborn refusal to settle as a way to escape payment and give the illusion which he was discharged.


In 1987, Hyde promoted the false and misleading "Birmingham memo" to conceal involvement of the Contras with the narcotics trafficking.

Extramarital Affair

As Hyde was publicly pursuing the impeachment of Clinton, the Internet magazine published This Hypocrite Broke Up My Family which stated that from 1965 to 1969, Hyde conducted an extramarital sexual affair with Cherie Snodgrass. At the time, Snodgrass was married to another man with whom she had had three children. The Snodgrasses divorced in 1967. The affair ended when Snodgrass' husband confronted Mrs. Hyde. The Hydes reconciled and remained married until Mrs. Hyde's death in 1992. Although Hyde was 41 years old and married when the affair occurred, he dismissed it as a "youthful indiscretion".[1]

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Henry Hyde received the Presidential Medal of Freedom (presented by George W. Bush), the nation's highest civilian honor, on November 5, 2007. The press release stated: "A veteran, a lawyer, and a public servant, Henry Hyde has served his country with honor and dedication. During his 32-year career in the House of Representatives, he was a powerful defender of life, a leading advocate for a strong national defense, and an unwavering voice for liberty, democracy, and free enterprise around the world. A true gentleman of the House, he advanced his principles without rancor and earned the respect of friends and adversaries alike. The United States honors Henry Hyde for his distinguished record of service to America." Hyde was hospitalized recovering from open-heart surgery and could not attend the ceremony in person.



Art was created today.

Ask Ty...November 28

Q: How can you say that "no art was created today" when the act of declaring that no art was created is itself art?

- Otterfarm Rich, resident of the state of California

Ty: Good question and an even better observation.

I suppose the word, "busted," would fit nicely here.

Yeah, anti-art is still art, right? I guess it was an evolution of thoughts that got us here. I initially posted that, "No photos were taken today." Obviously someone somewhere took a photograph, but using myself as the center of the art universe I declared that none were taken.

And, why did I even do that? It's kind of a shot across the bow of sorts. It's a warning to me (and to others) that life is fleeting and art is even more so. It means that, golly, maybe I'll never take another photograph (or that my "eye" will die, or that my inspiration will die, or that, heck, I will die). Though the likelihood is slim maybe one day I will either cross a threshold or jump a hurdle (or suffocate on a cliché) and just stop doing art -- happens to "artists" all the time. In fact, maybe that act of stopping, cold turkey, after years of productivity is the ultimate anti-art statement. Which, dare I say, is art.

Anyhow, the "no photos" thread d/evolved into "no art was created." Which is certainly art; perhaps the purest art. But even with the public declaration of "no art," there's always something going on here in the Otis Studios that is art. Just the way it is, I suppose.

It's all process, people. And it's important to ride process out (as you know). Sometimes I just wait for process to happen (which is both essential and maddening). For instance I had nothing planned today. Then I got a note from Ben Tolman. Ben asked what was going on. Specifically what music stuff was happening but in order to get to music, I had to list everything recent from books to photography to podcast (my personal process). Then it hit me. Shit! I still have a ton of negatives to scan. So that's what I did today. Six hours of negative scanning, cleaning, and posting.

So, on one hand, no art was created today. On the other, it's all art. The answer, then, to your question is, "good question and an even better observation."

Just a guess!


So Much to Hate

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No "new" art produced today.

Ohio 1999

Springfield 1998

Claremont 1984

Maryland 2000

Fairfax 1998