Popping Bubbles (No Guru)
I’ve never told anyone anything
that they didn’t already know
belief is as powerful as
commitment is to belief

Everyone knows their potential
limits are comforting
potential is frightening
everyone knows their limits

So many distractions
distractions are crutches
crutches are shields
shields are bubbles

All I do is remind people
that they don’t need
permission to be
what they want to be



there was once a time when i believed that people cared about what i thought so i said things and i wrote things and people appeared to be amused by the things i thought and they asked me for more so i said and wrote more about what i thought until it became plainly evident that absolutely no one any longer really cared about what i thought so i finally stopped saying and writing things reflective of what i thought but i took a perverse satisfaction that for a finite amount of time there will remain evidence of what i thought at particular times in my life that may be consistent with how i think now or may very well and in no form resemble my thoughts of today or even my thoughts of tomorrow but may help me better understand who i was and who i am and who i hope to someday be because if there is one goal i have always in life had it was to dissect myself to the cellular level because i am and have always been my most complex difficult and fascinating subject to the point of maybe someday i will consider believing that people might really care about what i think and i will say things and write things reflective of that