Attic Day 2023

Sunday, December 3, 2023 is Attic Day.

Within the Kingdom of Leisure two days have, historically, proven to be the most important of each year: Field Mowing Day and Attic Day.

It is surely documented enough at this point for no explanation to be needed or offered.

Interestingly, I tend to be the first to publicize Field Mowing Day while Arpy generally recognizes Attic Day first. Both are extremely important to the lifeblood of the community. Both are the very DNA of tKoL. The two days generally bookend the slide; one looking forward and the other looking back.

And as is tradition, here are my three offerings:


Attic Day offering 1

So many years could have killed me

Maybe should have killed me

2020 is an obvious pick but unscathed I am


The eighties stand on a podium

Others I obliviously know nothing about

There is as much surprise as awe


‘23 was heavenly highs and hellish lows

The worst and the best — a draw I suppose

Look at me now I have escaped orbit…


Defeat remains a remote concept

Wounds heal as forever scars

So much learning so much changing


And looking around there is so much

Beauty and art and thought and light

To roll the dice for another lap ’round


Attic Day offering 2

The Mixys of 2023


Attic Day offering 3

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As a young California human
Too Much Is Never Enough
was ethos mantra and barometer

Yet it’s worth more than money
to feel like you have enough
Said Stephanie Courtney

While it is good to get or be comfortable
Being yourself
Never get too comfortable…enough

The most successful gamblers
Always settle while they are up
Banking on skill and fortune

Sometimes enough is really enough
Not because of surrender
But when analyzed – absolute victory


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Post Post Modern (Post Post Modem)

A family of choice over
A family of origin
A cognizant adult decision and
A logical conclusion

A place for structure and
A place for safety and
A place for predictability

A group of persons in
A person’s life
A satisfying of roles in
A curated support system

A red string attached to
A pinky and a pinky
A destiny foretold

A predetermined affiliation
A line of perfect code in
A simulation glitched by
A chance encounter


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Florida 2023 (Roosters)


BDW 2023



Learning is the ultimate honor
A gift to ourselves and for our others
Expanding minds – expanding universes
Embracing imperfection leads to
Finding certain obvious truths

Hiding as protection
Reflections diverting attention
From all that is actually in those mirrors
Reality obscuring clarity

But when the masks come off
And the barriers come down
Everything is actually quite different
Every Post- is also every Pre-
It's the way of contagion

When we finally meet ourselves
As we sometimes do
We have to force ourselves
To trust our own wisdom


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The God Machine


Definitely something living, almost alive. As we interacted with it, providing input and manipulating in- and output, there were moments of improvisation both artistically and mechanically. Everything is nuance multiplied. The dark and simple moments were the hardest to control.

There is a lot of technology and hardware, connected like so much muscle, nerve, and bone, that needs us artists/keepers/mechanics/guardians (and brains) in order to create unique wondrous imagery that feels organic. It was constant work; fixing and changing and pushing of limits.

Addictive and original, non-replicable interactions and imagery. Every now and then one or the both of us would exclaim, "That's it!" or  simply, "Yeah." Dave's occasional, "That's something."

– ty 11.19.23


New Jersey Fencing Champion


New Jersey Fencing Champion

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