the imProvement isn’t palpable
Ships all back in port
imPossible is now possible
we Spilt our blood for sport

Nor for fame
Neither money
Comes an era
Drenched in honey

beCause we all compete
for Max amount of air
Elbows sharp and razors drawn
the Fight is never fair

the progNosis isn’t dire
if we Hold it all together
the Water isn’t wine
this Life is but whatever




I cannot imagine what FREEDOM must feel like
    to publicly exist without caution or care

FREEDOM may perhaps be a wholly theoretical construct
    where we live in impossible purity and simplicity and truth

Maybe this FREEDOM is something that has never existed
    to plainly be without having to be any one thing (or another)

I cannot imagine a scenario in my lifetime where I would
    ever experience the uninhibited privilege of FREEDOM