Big Art


Watch yourself with Bigelow Arthur
He’ll fight your sons and date your daughters
He’ll come for blood and come for torture
And drown your mom in freezing water

When Bigelow Arthur rides to town
Shutter your home and lock it down
Hide in shadows don’t make a sound
Hope to not engage this round

Bigelow Arthur that son of a bitch
Will leave your brother in ditch
He’s not a rat he’s not a snitch
He’ll steal you soul to him rich

2021 - Day Four





In the day and through the night
All we are are shades of light

Strange continua we exist, for
good and worse (how we subsist)

Nightmares in most frightening forms, you
are the monster (dutifully warned), but

in the sun of dawn of day, the
scene is viewed another way

Monsters are not here to harm, there
is no reason for alarm, to

keep you safe and free from fear, em-
brace the monster’s heart (hold near)

Monsters guard us and protect, us
from the thoughts that we neglect, and

shield us from the worst of stuff, so
we become the brave and tough, for

all we are are shades of light, through-
out the day and into night


Mexican Jelly Revisited


Mexican Jelly from Free Milk Seminal
3:56 para auriculares y cacao
This one is way ahead of its time. 
I never talk about this record and not many track are online.