Happy Birthday Dave Gary Junior


ALL of the questions
are for me and me alone

need vis-à-vis desire
what. is. wrong. with. me.


Alone in the prison I constructed
the more I ponder the more secure it becomes

mirror mirror on the wall
who’d a guess I’d be my own fall


I guess it has been a long while
since I have been in here

It feels somehow much deeper, the
grief > loneliness > absence > regret


But I do possess the magic formula
if I do what I say and also as I do

ALL of the answers, hence
are mine and mine alone




when the pain comes
drawn from hubris, intensity, and other assorted feelings
it’ll cut as deeply as the blackest of holes

    we shall toast ye as old mate
    legend and warrior
    a sadness persisting

when the punishment comes
drawn from a simple entitlement of payments due
numbness will masks tears masking fears


when the day comes to shut it all off
drawn from the culmination of sins and vices
committed against self and society

we shall roast ye as friend o’ all
    timeless and permanent
    as fake as fool’s gold

when the bookie comes to collect
the piper calling for you to join him
a grim reaper beckoning

The Great Salt Lake



The Senior Officer

Partly professor
Partly ambassador
A reference librarian
and a futurist

Bringing order
Bringing peace
The one to model
The one to keep

Answers to questions
Questioning all
Standing in silence
Standing so tall

Institutional history
Institutional legend
A person with whom
to point the cameras






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