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12:54 para auriculares y cacao

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RP@50 - BSUR



The Honorable Reverend DJ Richy Scratchy

The Otter Prince

Rickey R-word 

Rick E. Powell

Dickie Powell 

Arpy Dubby

RP Dubbs


Welcome to la quinta decada

It's great to have you here

Partners in this scam since '96

With your phone machine EP

Collaborators in real and virtual time

None of this happened without you

So it's kinda your damn fault

Here we are and there you is

Look around in assessment

You created it all as you wanted it




It is your own damn fault

If I remain as fortunate as I've been

The world falling into my lap

I will have more opportunities

To continue stealing all your 

Million Dollar Ideas™

And juicing creativity

Out of you like a goddamn lemon

Yous have done well for yins

Young scout makes old head

No metronomes

Or loading out of smoky clubs

It's now just tiny adjustments

And the right lighting

Just as you like it

RP Dubby

Arpy Dubbs

Dickie Powell 

Rick E. Powell

Rickey R-word

The Otter Prince

The Honorable Reverend DJ Richy Scratchy