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Subject: 2002 Lily

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They are down with all the siblings

I am downwards with all the brothers

I am for I lower with all the brothers

I am down with all brothers


Everybody thinks they know something.


What I have learned is that when Anne has something to say, it's always worth a good listen and a serious consideration. She's the most thoughtful (full of thought) person I know. Thus, she's often spot on with the important stuff. I cherish her opinion even when my own stubborn personality results in bad personal decisions or foolhardy gambles. And, she's never said "I told you so."

Where have we gone? If the senate flips and the house holds, we've got serious problems as Americans. In Maryland, democratic voters outnumber republicans 5-to-1 and Ehrlich is out-polling Townsend. And, Connie, dear Connie will probably win the 8th district...again. Where are we going? The saddest part is we, as Americans, have given up. We have numbed ourselves to the obvious and have taken the easy route to our own demise. Most of the educated world look upon us, collectively, as suicidal idiots.

I've said many times during Bush's (Bush Jr.) tenure that I wish I were dumb and didn't process all the mayhem. But, I ain't and I do. It's a mess and it may get a whole lot uglier. The beautiful thing is, experts project the lowest voter turnout in 60 years - since World War II, when the voting population was but a fraction of those eligible now.

I cringe when I think of Junior flying all over the country, poorly reading buzz phrases to cheering and adoring audiences or zealots and hand-picked campaign stooges. I cringe when I think of how my taxes are spent. I cringe when I see the little man on the TeeVee and I hold my breath and hold my nose while I listen to random words and phrases that make no sense to me or to him. I want to cry as much as I want to laugh.

It may not be in my lifetime, but the big karma pendulum is bound to swing back someday. At least, that's what gets me through the day.