"I learned to see through the fraud of race. See who was legit. Who had game."


"It's funny how sometimes when you're being a douche bag, you're aware of it while you're doing it. And still, you can't help it."


Here's where I live now:

The highlight of my weekend? Rock and Roll gig? No. Chillin' with the loyal followers? Naw. Mind expansion? Breakthrough that changes everything? Nope.

I power-washed our brick front porch today. My grout rocks! I can't stop looking outside...

My, how things change.


InternetIsShit#8 <– Clicky

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We need to start again. We need to stop saying how wonderful things are. We need to openly, truthfully and respectfully admit that the internet itself, in almost all of what's been done with it, is shit.


The effects are relatively long lasting, inducing a type of mental

clarity and expansion of though processing capabilities. A feeling of

enhanced memory and accelerated intellect is often experienced, however

the racy edge of physical and mental stimulation is seldom noted. This

state is especially suited to periods of intense study, calculations, and

cerebral activity requiring endurance to maintain continuous attention and

precision focusing.
The generation of my grandparents seemed to have all kinds of names for afro-americans, and hearing them pop out of my grandparents' mouths as I was growing up was always unsettling to me.

There have been times I've wished I was black for some reason, with all the drums and stuff, guess I've always sort of wanted to get back into the jungle. Well like one of the prisoners said to me, "welcome to the jungle baby."