Solstice Cures

moving forward is
always the only option
else impossible

the result of the year
is probably the most salient
of descriptive data

day to day it was
the highest highs and the
lowest lows

but in summary
there is relief
in ascension

it was a highly inspired
highly motivated
highly productive era

though muses and critics
belief comes by way
of open eyes and careful heart

where one predicted change
was astonishing improvement
which is surely more frightening

bigger and better
thicker of skin and of heart
limited in availability

still pitching a perfect game
after all these innings
and despite the errors

through genes and practice
becomes a being
worthy of the atoms




Unfiltered Clarity (some questions)

I was considering playing a record today and I was trying to remember

How does one select a record to play?

Why do we pick a particular record?


The album Tales from Topographic Oceans takes me back, way way back

Back to a formative southern California of the 1980s

An era of constant freedom and exploration and learning

It is complex enough to conceive as a grown ass adult 

But just how did we do it as a 17 or 18-year old? 

Why would a 17 year-old in Claremont driving around

In a tomato orange 1976 Toyota Corolla 

With a stereo system far out-valuing the car

Play Tales from Topographic Oceans from beginning to end over and over?


(Why am I doing that right now?)



Fortunately I had an older cousin (Bruce) and a friend (Tom of Casa Flores) 

They turned me on to some of the music that has stuck with me for a lifetime

I'm sorry but Bruce is dead

And honestly Tom probably is too because he always played fast and loose

(So many of my people are now dead like Dave Gary, Johnny B., Anya, Chris...)

(Florence said the worst part of growing old is all your friends die)

How did we pick an album then and how do we pick an album now?

How did we do anything then and how do we do anything now? 

Especially now because everything so different

(Everything is also the same)

What is a record?

A document and a memory or a document of a memory

What if I were to randomly select some memories from my past?

What if I were to randomly select some photos from my past?

What would that tell you about me?

What would that tell me about me?

Who are these people and what do/did they mean to me?

What could I mean or have meant to them?

Life is a series of decisions and crossroads 

(And all decisions and crossroads lead to other decisions and crossroads)

What do I  mean to me? 

What do you mean to me?

What do I mean to you?

Because life is randomness disguised as intent and planning

And we will never know otherwise

This is my story, this is my deal

Unflitered Clarity (sliding home)

(‘tween) fours and twos and twos and fours
Jackie, Barack – and Lewis and more

my DMK (is)
now one oh one
dream of the west
drive* in sun

unfiltered clarity empties my head
zero to 10 – alpha to zed (the)
loneliest man to fill up a room
happiest smile – portend of doom

what is your future?
(the) future’s unknown
what is your mantra?
(be) big or go home

(‘tween) twos and fours and fours and twos
I am but them – but they are not you



* alt "die"


South Florida Edition

The Machine


The Encore Machine for Headphones & Cocoa
A trip to Florida from the mixy Encore by the Kingdom of Leisure


Attic Day 2023

Sunday, December 3, 2023 is Attic Day.

Within the Kingdom of Leisure two days have, historically, proven to be the most important of each year: Field Mowing Day and Attic Day.

It is surely documented enough at this point for no explanation to be needed or offered.

Interestingly, I tend to be the first to publicize Field Mowing Day while Arpy generally recognizes Attic Day first. Both are extremely important to the lifeblood of the community. Both are the very DNA of tKoL. The two days generally bookend the slide; one looking forward and the other looking back.

And as is tradition, here are my three offerings:


Attic Day offering 1

So many years could have killed me

Maybe should have killed me

2020 is an obvious pick but unscathed I am


The eighties stand on a podium

Others I obliviously know nothing about

There is as much surprise as awe


‘23 was heavenly highs and hellish lows

The worst and the best — a draw I suppose

Look at me now I have escaped orbit…


Defeat remains a remote concept

Wounds heal as forever scars

So much learning so much changing


And looking around there is so much

Beauty and art and thought and light

To roll the dice for another lap ’round


Attic Day offering 2

The Mixys of 2023


Attic Day offering 3

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13:57 para auriculares y cacao

 tyhardaway dot com

The Encore Machine: a video


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