A year like the blink of an eye in slow motion
Field sowing and peeks into windows
The quickest shortest slide yet to the bottom
It’s all beats it’s all rhythms

Be Ready Be Strong Be Brave Be Stubborn
Be Aware Be Diligent Be on the right side of history
Be Right Be Wrong Be Smart Be Better
Be Tough Be Bad Be all that you can be

Now that we are at the very end of the chute
We can climb back out into the light
And insist on another ride ‘round
On terms personally negotiated

Get Ready Get Strong Get Brave Get Stubborn
Get Up Get Down Get on to your dreams and hopes
Get Right Get Wrong Get Smart Get Better
Get Wet Get Laid Get the justice you deserve

If you are not my friend you are my enmity
Open your possibilities to realities
Exercise the right to claim spaces
Sharing is an individual’s choice