Maybe this period in history will ultimately
best serve to publicly expose the very
worst of the worst [so that we can easily
identify candidates for reeducation camp]

If this is not it then maybe the next
[extreme] pendulum swing will be the
last one [of my life] that finally lands us
in a more comfortable place for most

One can paint themself into corners or
one can be painted into corners maybe
offense balances defense [like in optical
illusions] catalyst and reaction confusion

Maybe this era will be remembered
as just bad plotting like when it was
all just a dream or having another baby
because the ratings [have started to dim]

What is maybe the most important lesson
[and measurable outcome] is the degree
to which individuals will or have changed
for the better or changed for the worse


Four Prompts: Milgram

Please continue the bit

The show requires you continue

It is absolutely essential that you perform

You have no other choice, you must go on

Ghost Town Ghost

this is a town

this is a good town

i am a ghost

this is a ghost town

i am the ghost

i am the good ghost

this is the town

i am the town ghost



What is art?

Desperation flop sweat pheromones
Descriptive moral relativism

Who owes whom?

An actual magnetism of sorts
So safe now where once at least
There were questions of danger

What is owed?

As I see it
My mission is to do
Exactly what it is I am doing

When is it art?

The hierarchy of greatness
Of all the club members
I am the least

What is next?


Henry 3