We live in complicated times in a complicated world
Where in an effort to make things easier everything is consequentially more difficult

Atmospheric pressure from all sides equally and persistently
Causing so much stress on systems (revealed to be more fragile than advertised)

That an organic shutdown occurs where flight become fight
And fight becomes self-inflicted performative trauma pornography

Solids turning into gasses and gasses evaporating into liquids
For the socials and for the antisocials alike but I digress…

We live in a complicated world in complicated times
Where in an effort to make everything happen nothing will ever happen

2022 - 25



The Burden of Superiority


This is a Very Deep Place

On one hand you do know that everything will be fine
(it is important to keep this on loop until believed)

Oh, no, believe me, this is a really odd thing for me too
(and it’s actually really embarrassing)

After all I have already proven to be the very best
(historically the strongest of all)

I know my legend I know my worth I know my value
(there is a certain burden of superiority)


I guess it all comes down to having certain basic needs met
And attitudes matching behaviors as the psychologists say

                feeling loved


I have held it in for so long that letting it all go is new and frightening
A thimbleful of brain chemicals slightly but perceivably off kilter

                Maybe I finally actually broke it
                    the damn finally burst
                    it’s a passing of a baton
                    it's an end game thought processes
                    I have reached a logical conclusion


Maybe it is possible to give everything away and be left with nothing
(but that’s how we build the world we always wanted)

Maybe one can replace oneself and no longer have any self
(a self-inflicted self-retirement program or sorts)

Ok, are we done with this nonsense yet?
(this is way too dramatic and self-sabotaging)

Now…let’s find our way back to where we belong
(greatness personified)