Today is the last day of the slide
This slide this year
End of the line end of the ride
We walk now
And fight our way back
Back to where we belong
To where is right
Back to where we deserve
And fight by our rules
We work now
End of the ride end of the line
Next year next fight
Today is the first day of the fight


...and one last thing to stream or download in 2016: [Outro]



this date this pattern
never again
never afore
a jewel discarded
and called just another
someone was born
someone will die
flippantly it passes
no fanfare or acknowledgement
a hundred years ago
a hundred years hence
this pattern this date

Putin's Puppet People


Danny Espinosa is a ballplayer’s ballplayer

What I miss most about Dave Gary Jr
The quick and seamless riffing

The situation with Russia
The blackest of mirrors

Swinging hard again
Taking it back

Once was king
Now not anymore

Curated the combination
Inspiration and influence

As useful as useless
No matter the brand

Trying too hard without trying at all
Golden fortunes rained upon

Danny Espinosa is a ballplayer’s ballplayer


Attic Day 2016

One first beginning
Cycles & loops looping & cycling
Endings forever balancing with beginnings
Ultimately not infinite despite parenthetical depth
Yet all square logically
One last end


Remember (1,3)

Static (2,2)

Optimize (3,3)

Posterior (4,4)

Enrage (5, 2)

Readership (6, 3)

Treasure (7, 2)


One last end
Yet all square logically
Ultimately not infinite despite parenthetical depth
Endings forever balancing with beginnings
Cycles & loops looping & cycling
One first beginning


Manipulation Matrix
Remember when I was quirkily charming?
Back when people loved me for no reason other
After a while it was something on which I could count

Remember when I was insufferably cocksure?
Back when people hated me for no reason other
After a while it was something on which I could count

Remember when I was painfully bashful?
Back when people misunderstood me for no reason other
After a while it was something on which I could count

Remember when I was awkwardly uncertain?
Back when people dismissed me for no reason other
After a while it was something on which I could count

Remember when I was hopelessly optimistic?
Back when people embraced me for no reason other
After a while it was something on which I could count


The Other For Share
We are what we’re thinking
We are what we do
Existence divided
Not one life but two

One is for hire
One is for there
One is for private
The other for share

Passing-through cities
And flyover states
You won’t find the freedom
From what you escape

Dismissive indifference
Toward those I’ve ignored
The reason we’re different
Each other we bore

Through all of this warring
I plan to survive
Fighting my battles
I will stay alive

With tribe of the chosen
From fam’ly and friend
Improving positions
There’s never an end



People are looking to me for some sort
of comment and I really don’t have one

I cannot tell anyone how to feel or what
to think about things wonderful or horrible

I can only feel what I am feeling and
devise ways to deal with my realities

I do know how I will behave in the short term
and that is to behave as I have always

Yes I do have opinions and ideas and plans
but I do not yet have a comment


I have experienced pendulum swings before
I will experience pendulum swings again

To some the rarity of the unicorn
is reason to preserve – a treasure

To some the rarity of the unicorn
is reason to hunt – a trophy

All eyes up front
All hands on deck


I have a pain in my gut now
My instinct is wounded
My fight or flight is activated
I carry a bigger target

I feel displaced
on a precipice
vulnerable to forces
irrationally paranoid

These are the secrets
inside my pocket
safe for now
if not forever

Because I walk on both
sides of the gun
Because I work on both
sides of the aisle

As often as I tell everyone
everything will be alright
I sometimes need someone to
tell me that I will be too


Yeah I Know
Yeah I know I know
I am the odd one out here
As accustomed as I am to this fact
I am still always surprised to be surprised
about fundamental differences

The obvious differences are startling enough
but there is a strong hypothesis that
the deeper we dive the deeper the depths
Manifestations present themselves through observation
and through interaction with acquaintance and stranger

I have grown to embrace a sincere satisfaction
with knowing that I have a sincere satisfaction
with the creation and the curation
External accolade always suspiciously flattering
when all that exists are shortcomings unremedied

Audiences are notoriously fickle and compelled to
self typecast as kingmaker and destroyer now
Everyone looking to each other for gush or shock clues
Simultaneous echoes of grey noise broadcast
through mobile portals of time addiction and pacification

Indeed with are all special little snowflakes
No two could ever be the same but an overwhelming
majority are basically similar versions of common
fundamentally underdeveloped malformations
Yeah I know I know


Always Was
There is a threshold where the buildup and
the puzzlework that create situations is
forgotten in arc and in specificity and
there remains not the truths but only the memories
Structurally life reads as a tale that always was

The fundamental quandary with things that
elevate to always was status is
our natural tendency to assume things will
always be or even that things always is
Permanence is the final formal fatal fallacy

Never was never   is   never will be
tourists passing through the good parts of town at
varying intervals with varying memories of
the puzzlement that created all the situations
The buildup of everything that always was


Queen of Content
while on the surface it’s meaningless or harmless drivel
but there remains a nagging feeling of something buried
it could be a trick or it could be a trap
maybe it’s nothing maybe it’s everything
maybe there is nothing maybe there is everything

perhaps there is some hope
art is some hope
hope is all we need
hope and all we need more of is science

Penelope Demetrius and Helen
Irony’s irony of hipster households

First day of dying
Another day of dying
Another way of dying
First way of dying

hipsters are nothing more than a hobo camp
of smart kids with awkward names
from over-degreed literate-wealthy families
who could support contrived and insufferable indulgences
while also justifying its existence the entire time

otis zone ice cream cone