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When You Break Cameras It Looks Like This (B4/C6/P02)

The Last Flower (B4/C6/P01)




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Pathetic. Desperate. Delusional. Ill. Crazy.

and a whole lot of self-serving, self-promotional build-up over nothing. welcome to middlespace.


Taking the Bait on McClellan

OK, so I've been involved in a bunch of personal electronical mailings with regard to Scotty McClellan and his little book, book tour, and all around criticisms of his former boss, the president George W. Bush and Mr. Bush's whole administration.

I had indicated that I wasn't going to take the bait and comment because as far as I'm concerned Scotty Mac is still one of the bad guys. He's stating that there were "deliberate misstatements" and such. The word is "liar." Liars all. Did he just come to Jesus or something? Why now? How many U.S. soldiers died since he helped propagate this lie? Is Jesus gonna bring them back? You feel better now, Scott? Huh?

You had your chance and you blew it. It is too late for forgiveness. I already know the Bush administration is a crooked cadre of insane liars. How do I know? I have eyes, ears, and a brain. Walks and talks and craps like a duck, Scotty. If you wanted to be the American Hero®, you should have why stood at the WH press room lectern and said "You know what? They all lie like rugs in here. I don't believe a word and neither should you." You had 50 cameras and all of America's news trained at you and you didn't say anything. Make them drag you out, hero.

As one of my bestest friends says about this, "Yup. Fuck him. He made America worse." Made America worse. Hear that? Worse. Not better. Worse.

Wanna make up for your sins? Turn yourself in to the FBI for treason, son.

Bait taken. Reel me in.

Clos-Ing: On the Cusp of the Fold

Untitled (thing on the sidewalk)

End of Massive Filler Between Chapters: Manifesto (you were right about these)


The End of History (Pt. 30 of 20)

Begins here: [clicky]

It is Time for a new History


I Saw Her Score A Goal (Twice)

The History of Swagger

If you can "swagger" in that silly costume, than more power to ya'!

History Kingdom

A Bittersweet History

Darrow Montgomery

I still live in the D.C. area. I've now been here for nearly 16 years. Still here, people. Even Elliot Segal asked me, "Why the hell did you move from Santa Cruz to here?"

Anyway, I'm still here. Since I am still here I do want to mention Darrow Montgomery. He's taken photographs for the Washington City Paper.

Click here to see some of his work, when you get a chance: [clicky]

I like his style. He is D.C. to me.


2021 update: [clicky]

A Note on Professionalism

I have seen a million bands in my time. In fact, I have even been in several hundred thousand bands as a performaer. But I witnessed something that gave my obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) soul a long, loving hug. The Raconteurs technical crew, you know them as "roadies," have little "uniforms." Not t-shirts or polo shirts, not jumpsuits. Fedoras, charcoal shirts and trousers, some have vests and some have suit jackets. I imagine there is a subtle hierarchy.

Aside from being a music and arts guy (and believe me this is 9/10s theatrics), I'm also a branding guy. I've done corporate branding for years. I understand brand and perception. Yes, your roadies are an extension of the brand. The road crew tell a story about your operations.

These beautiful Oompa-Loompas say that this organization has it's shit together. This organization is goddamned constipated. From the roadies upward, the band as branded itself as cool, competent, and professional. It's much the same vibe that Jack White has surrounding the White Stripes touring party.

And, I fucking love it.

The Progress of Man (Chapter Six Begins June 1)

Thursdays of Despair (Magic Cleaning Fairies)

A little glimpse into my brutally difficult life:

This is my housekeeper, R. She visits ever other Thursday (used to be every Thursday, but you know, layoffs trickle down the economic chutes). I sit at the kitchen table, backpack packed and ready to depart. When I see the above; the digging for keys, I know it's time to shut down the radio, pack the computer, and grab my keys.

I open the front door, say hello, and slink out the back door.

Two hours later, I return and, viola! Magic cleaning fairy smell. MCF.

Here's what happens at the coffeeshop:

Closure (above & below)

The Dos Equis reps (above) previously referenced [clicky]. Kept plying me with the beers, the stupid beaded medallions, t-shirts, and rubbery wrist things (a la Livestrong). Free. I was walking around with beers in my pockets like I was at a college party. I only spent $5 total for tipping the VIP room bartender. New career for Lily (below), perhaps?

I am "The Most Interesting Man in the World." The lottery rubs me for luck.

Today I Saw The Best Thing Ever

I'm sitting at a stoplight waiting for the left turn arrow to legally allow me to proceed in a leftward direction.

I'm watching the traffic pass. It's a thing I do. I see my very favorite thing in the road. A plastic grocery bag. I'm totally zoning on it floating around the intersection as cars whiz by. It's like that video of that bag in American Beauty. Dang if I don't love that scene. And don't think for a moment if that scene didn't have an impact on my life. Forget? Here: [clicky]

Anyway, I'm watching that shit and the beauty and the grace is evident. So many close calls. Cars drive by and it floats inches above, catches the next draft and floats -- largely in place in the middle of that intersection -- and floats and floats. Cars drive by, dozens of 'em. A sight.

Then a black SUV enters the intersection and the bag catches on the roof rack. Oddly fitting. Oddly not ironic.

Oil begets oil. Kills it dead.

Regime Change

One Mississippi
Two Mississippi
Three more...

Embarrassment of self
Perhaps key to mental health
Not fucking caring about
what people shout

Bluetooth appliances
Soul patches
Tattoos of tattoos

Always alone
Why should anything
Change about life
Regime Change (x10)

It's just pain
That's how the brain
Works to keep us
Free of conformity

Dinner (it's what's for dinner)


Inbox: End

Not any more.

Inbox: Start

The four email subjects still in my inbox:
  1. who writes this shit
  2. weasels
  3. Never Over Era
  4. Freddy Mercury
That's it.

Raconteurs: End

no sound, buy the record...
...or just go here to hear the whole damn show: [clicky]

Story Time

Elliot, the highly successful morning radio host. Felt like an old friend somehow.
We talked about KROQ, Mark & Brian, all the old school radio shit.
[Photo by Valle]

Diane, heart and soul (and brains), the radio sidekick/news.
[FYI - I didn't wait in that line, as a "VIP"]
[Photo by Valle]

Patrick Keeler of the Raconteurs, low man on totem pole has to do the meet & greet.

Patrick appears to be frightened of Lily. Or maybe it's me he's afraid of.
Here's one of my free "Blue Things" - sweet, blue, lethal! Good though.
The Dos Equis model/brandwoman kept giving me Dos Equis, I went
upstairs with my "Blue Thing" and a Dos Equis in each back pocket.

Again, best part of VIPness: getting prime seat before doors open.
The Raconteurs may have been the best show I've ever attended (free VIP liquor a bonus).

Else we could've been with these mopes.

Discovered I was wrong, nobody was actually there for The Black Lips.
[Lily gave The Black Lips her "Spirit Award" though]

Huge respect for Brendan Benson, I get it now.

Band had fog machine because 9:30 is actually a non-smoking venue now.
Like who smokes, anyhow? What a loser thing to do. Guh!
Maybe I'll get a tattoo of a cigarette too.

Patrick had to sign things. He insisted I take one. Got it signed for the B, "Hey Brennan!" Nice guy.
Lily's says, "Thanks Lily!" He said the hardest part is thinking of clever things to write.

Le Saboteurs


I Just Bought "Consolers of the Lonely" on Vinyl Yesterday

Always Own The Light

Here's Your Candidate: Bob Barr

"Here's your candidate...Mr. Libertarian."

- Rich

Yep. The "Libertarian Party" has nominated former Congressman Bob Barr as its candidate for president for the 2008 election. Rich put the link in his email to me. Go there if you like. I'll even link it here: [clicky]. You know what to expect there: statue of liberty, welcome mat, words like "trust," "freedom," and "transparency." You know the stuff:
"Libertarians believe the answer to America's political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness: a free-market economy and the abundance and prosperity it brings; a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom that marks this country above all others; and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade as prescribed by America's founders."
And yes, you zung me Rich. Got me good. Ouch, that stings! You put me in the position of defending my stance as a "libertarian progressive" and that of this "party" "nominating" Bob Barr, right?

Robert Laurence "Bob" Barr, Jr. (or, citing physical evidence, Jeremiah Wright's twin: go here, do it: [clicky]), as you remember, was one of the house managers during Bubba Clinton's impeachment. We considered him a very bad guy during those days. Well certainly was a very ugly attach dog during the impeachment. But, what, Bubba was right? Bubba messed up good. But, impeachment? No. It was just bad all around.

But at ugly as Bob Barr was, look at his record subsequently. No, I'm not going to vote for him. And with any luck he'll do for "No Change" McCain what Ralph Nader did for Albert Gore. But, Bobby Larry has been active in two very important projects subsequent to his impeachment work:
1) In March 2007, Barr reversed his stance on medical marijuana and begin lobbying on behalf of MPP, the Marijuana Policy Project. Incredibly, this new partnership saw Barr working to repeal his very own "Barr Amendment" -- the amendment that overturned a voter-approved medical marijuana initiative in Washington, D.C., and prohibits consideration of similar initiatives. Huh?!

2) He is one of the four founders of the American Freedom Agenda, which is described as "a coalition established to restore checks and balances and civil liberties protections under assault by the executive branch." The American Freedom Agenda has established a 10-point Freedom Pledge for presidential candidates to confirm their commitment to civil liberties. He is also a member of the Constitution Project's bipartisan Liberty and Security Committee. Huh?!
[Yep. That's Bob Barr. Plus, he was on Borat! and gave Sacha Baron Cohen cheese made from his wife's breast milk.]

Do I trust him? Nope. Will I vote for him? Nope. But is he a bad guy? Dunno.

Now let's get this straight, people. Just because I have professed some libertarian ideals and read Reason magazine doesn't make me a Libertarian. I'm not joining any damn political party. Not Democrat, not Republican, not "Green," not Libertarian. In fact, doesn't that make me the ultimate libertarian? By not joining a party, I am the ultimate independent, politically.

OK, now that the zings have been zung, let's take a look at something much more interesting: Who the hell is Wayne Allyn Root, Bobby Larry's running mate? He's a sports handicapper! Ha! What better person to succeed Dick Cheney. Root to win!

I Just Bought "Consolers of the Lonely" on Vinyl Yesterday

Surprise! At The Club! THE RACONTEURS
w/ The Black Lips
7:30 Doors.
So, there are a couple of shows that I'm interested in seeing in a smaller venue. One is White Stripes. The other is The Raconteurs. I mean, there are a couple of others but for today let's say it's two. I kind of dig that Jack White scene. Not because I'm fawning, but I think because I can appreciate the act.

So when the Raconteurs was a surprise add to the 9:30 Club I was presently surprised. Two days with The Black Lips (Vice Records). Tickets went on sale April 3rd. So when Raconteurs sold out in 10 minutes, it was surprisingly disappointing. Ten minutes*?! I'm guessing it's because of the combination of Black Lips + Raconteurs. Kids today.

Craigslist tickets were going at like $75 to $150. But I didn't have the wherewithal to pay some asshole scalper who got tickets just to sell for a profit. F that S, man (means, "fuck that shit, man").

I realized that the local rock station, DC101, often runs a ticket promo for the bigger shows. In fact the morning show (Elliot in the Morning) sometimes runs a VIP happy hour plus tickets promo. Well they did run said promo. Good.

Now I'm not a radio show prize whore by any means. I'm not the redial type. But I was determined to win. In fact the day the show sold out I declared that I would just have to turn on the weird charisma and win some dam tickets. Sometimes one has to use one's will. And fortunately for me I could win not by dialing redial like a mope but by writing a "Why do I deserve Raconteurs tickets" essay and submit via email. Oh, I did some redialing too.
You've won the passes and tickets, Ty! See you down at the club tomorrow (5/27) at 6:15PM! Just look for us or any reps from DC101!


What is the VIP happy hour? An hour before the show you go to the downstairs bar for comp food and drinks maybe some band members visit. Meet and greet with radio mopes. Neat stuff and you can bring your camera (but I'm no celebrity chaser). And the best part is this: before they open the doors (general admission as always) the VIP mopes get to go find their spot for the show. Ha! This rules for old dudes like me.

I do have a problem though. I can take a guest. Huh, a guest.... Problem is my guest list begins with people who are currently out of the D.C. metropolitan area. Well it starts with the B but she's not 21 years-old yet and was kind of pissed when I told her this morning (she may like Raconteurs more than I). Actually, let me clarify. There are people locally whom I would ask but given that this is a week night/school night last minute event, there's no one local who doesn't have a family that I could put into that kind of last-minute jackpot of having to weasel their situation to go a show. I know if someone called me I'd have all kinds of difficulty with child and home responsibilities. I really don't want to put that on anyone. Dang! So it's bittersweet.

Need someone single, ideally. Someone who lives in D.C., ideally. Someone a little nutty who can do things on whims.

Hellooooo, Lily. My little sister. A mope just like me.
"Count me in!"

- Lily

*Maybe the damn show sold out so quickly because of tickets being reserved for radio promotions. But, today, I'm not complaining.


Don't Think - Do

"It doesn't matter what I think I'm doing. The work has a life of its own, and I'm just along for the ride."

- John Luther Adams

Untitled (#5)

Closed (Wilkes-Barre, PA 05.08)


Historical (Never Ending Perhaps)

Ironic that the frames were made of steel, huh?

So, What? Now You're Ignoring Me?

Closed (Ithaca, NY 05.08)

Ithaca 2008

Hank & Floss

My New Tattoo

So, if tattoos are cool and soul patches are cool, then a tattoo OF A soul patch must be SUPER cool!

Or does it go the other way?