I Just Bought "Consolers of the Lonely" on Vinyl Yesterday

Surprise! At The Club! THE RACONTEURS
w/ The Black Lips
7:30 Doors.
So, there are a couple of shows that I'm interested in seeing in a smaller venue. One is White Stripes. The other is The Raconteurs. I mean, there are a couple of others but for today let's say it's two. I kind of dig that Jack White scene. Not because I'm fawning, but I think because I can appreciate the act.

So when the Raconteurs was a surprise add to the 9:30 Club I was presently surprised. Two days with The Black Lips (Vice Records). Tickets went on sale April 3rd. So when Raconteurs sold out in 10 minutes, it was surprisingly disappointing. Ten minutes*?! I'm guessing it's because of the combination of Black Lips + Raconteurs. Kids today.

Craigslist tickets were going at like $75 to $150. But I didn't have the wherewithal to pay some asshole scalper who got tickets just to sell for a profit. F that S, man (means, "fuck that shit, man").

I realized that the local rock station, DC101, often runs a ticket promo for the bigger shows. In fact the morning show (Elliot in the Morning) sometimes runs a VIP happy hour plus tickets promo. Well they did run said promo. Good.

Now I'm not a radio show prize whore by any means. I'm not the redial type. But I was determined to win. In fact the day the show sold out I declared that I would just have to turn on the weird charisma and win some dam tickets. Sometimes one has to use one's will. And fortunately for me I could win not by dialing redial like a mope but by writing a "Why do I deserve Raconteurs tickets" essay and submit via email. Oh, I did some redialing too.
You've won the passes and tickets, Ty! See you down at the club tomorrow (5/27) at 6:15PM! Just look for us or any reps from DC101!


What is the VIP happy hour? An hour before the show you go to the downstairs bar for comp food and drinks maybe some band members visit. Meet and greet with radio mopes. Neat stuff and you can bring your camera (but I'm no celebrity chaser). And the best part is this: before they open the doors (general admission as always) the VIP mopes get to go find their spot for the show. Ha! This rules for old dudes like me.

I do have a problem though. I can take a guest. Huh, a guest.... Problem is my guest list begins with people who are currently out of the D.C. metropolitan area. Well it starts with the B but she's not 21 years-old yet and was kind of pissed when I told her this morning (she may like Raconteurs more than I). Actually, let me clarify. There are people locally whom I would ask but given that this is a week night/school night last minute event, there's no one local who doesn't have a family that I could put into that kind of last-minute jackpot of having to weasel their situation to go a show. I know if someone called me I'd have all kinds of difficulty with child and home responsibilities. I really don't want to put that on anyone. Dang! So it's bittersweet.

Need someone single, ideally. Someone who lives in D.C., ideally. Someone a little nutty who can do things on whims.

Hellooooo, Lily. My little sister. A mope just like me.
"Count me in!"

- Lily

*Maybe the damn show sold out so quickly because of tickets being reserved for radio promotions. But, today, I'm not complaining.