Barry Oh!® Fundraiser - Florida

So, Big Dave Wave went to a Barry Oh!® fundraiser in Florida last night or something. I'm guessing Barry Oh!® is now our new president of camera phone prayer (BDW took his and prayed):

To me it looks like some weird nightmare of suits and mobile phones. On some planet somewhere out there, the kids are watching a TeeVee show about earthlings who worship smooth black men by praying to them with their hand-held "prayer devices." [BDW file name: "barry oh barry!.jpg]

There he is! Not as handsome as they portray him in the liberal media. Kinda squishy-headed. "Bow down before me with your Blackberrys, people! I am the Barry Oh!®" And bow they did. [BDW file name: "oh barry.jpg]

"People, people! I know. I love me too. I know, huh?! Okay. This is a fundraiser. Let's see the cash, bitches!" [BDW file name: "oh barry oh.jpg]

"Hold on. I said hold on! I'll get your drink in a minute. I'm praying, dammit!" Orgy of booze, money, prayer, and camera phones. [BDW file name: "oh oh oh.jpg]

I don't know who I'm more surprised to see at a Barry Oh!® fundraiser, Big Dave Wave (left), or Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas (right). Are they...dancing? Huh, didn't know Dave danced.... [BDW file name: "this fucking guy.jpg]

"We got into the Big Wig room where 100 or so people wait on line to have a PROFESSIONAL photographer take their photy graph with the man (himself). Like a ride at Disney's Land. Rode that ride, he said, "What's your name? Good to meet you David," all quiet and cool he was. Snap snap snap. See ya!