Ask Ty...May 21

Q: Dear Ty,

Jesus fucking Christ is this thing still not over yet?

Ty: Good question and an even better observation. It's so over. Don't worry about it no more. She's all just saving face and paying off debt and stuff and taking in the farewell tour and feeling all big and such. She's looking for a new place. He's all moving on and stuff too. They'll "be friends" soon and go after the old man. He's okay, really. He's working out and eating well.

Trust me, dude. It's O.V.E.R. Here's the clue: they don't even mention each other anymore. It's all about "uniting" the party now. It's not a bad breakup, but one of mutual understanding. The only question remaining between them is should they go to the prom together? All friends say no, but....she's still open to the idea. He's all stuck in a awkward place since she still has his CDs and stuff. He does want those CDs back.

Annoying? Yes. Necessary? No. But here's the thing with me: I've over it. There's nothing exciting about this thing anymore. Even if the old man wins, so what? He's not that other guy whom we all dislike so much and who has been the hefe for eight years. The bad guy. So, it's a new thing now. Old man versus the new man. It's going to be this guy [clicky] going up against this guy [clicky]. Please!

The old man is in for it, Chuck. Maybe that build-up will be fun? Uhhh, prolly not. Yawn!

Just a guess,