An Historical Record - Jacket Notes

"It's amazing how much you look like Brennan in your early pictures."

"the historical pics - fucking brillant."

"Hey, Ty. How come no Santa Clara Vanguard or even Freelancer-era pics? What is the deal?"

"My dad knew you in high school and drum corps. He says you were "an arrogant goddamn prick." The reason I'm telling you this is because he said it in a really positive way. He meant it respectfully and kind of fearfully."

"I have just come across your Historical Records. Very interesting."

"I'm digging the retrospective stuff, good shit, man. Where in the world did you get that Beach Cruiser? Fucking Bad Ass. "

"Found you through the front page of Flickr. These are brilliant."

"I’m loving these!"

"These are the best yet!"

"Keep 'em coming."

"It is interesting how much enjoyment I'm getting from your childhood angst."

"At first I didn't believe these were all you, but now I do. Genius."

"Can you do my Historical Record -- and tell my mom I ain't calling."

"'L'il Shaft and L'il Sammy Davis? Beautiful. We all have our crosses to bear/bare."

"What you wrote about your grandma made me cry."

"You saw a boob! Memories...."

"Your afro so rocks!!"