Notes On A History

"I’m loving the old pictures; however, it made me think “wow, I really don’t know much about Ty.” I know the 1987 to present Ty really well. I know about Doris King and high school years in Claremont and Nisha. But really, I don’t know about you—your history. What made you, you. I met your grandmother and dad at your graduation, exchanged pleasantries, and then probably got drunk or something.

So, we need to sit down, throw back a few, and I need to listen."

- Mark

Oy vey! The back story, huh? I guess that's where this thing has to go. And I'll take you there...given time. I suppose we all have our back stories to reconcile. Mine is either some poor and half-black, raised by his grandmother overcoming immense odds story or the story of the confused, blossoming prodigy who finally finds his niche in the world fable.

Who knows? But I'll suss it out for you. But I'll tell you this right now, what made me me was me deciding to be what I am (whatever that is). Not to say there weren't a handful of really fortunate breaks along the way, but there was also some difficult periods of note.

Most of all, my grandmother deserves all of the credit for making some key choices along the way. Likewise, I've met some really smart and influential people who've helped shape my act. Props.

The most significant aspects of the early story are: Los Angeles, Mrs. King, J.W., Claremont, SCV, and UCSC/Santa Cruz. The rest is known.

Soon more.