Story Time

Elliot, the highly successful morning radio host. Felt like an old friend somehow.
We talked about KROQ, Mark & Brian, all the old school radio shit.
[Photo by Valle]

Diane, heart and soul (and brains), the radio sidekick/news.
[FYI - I didn't wait in that line, as a "VIP"]
[Photo by Valle]

Patrick Keeler of the Raconteurs, low man on totem pole has to do the meet & greet.

Patrick appears to be frightened of Lily. Or maybe it's me he's afraid of.
Here's one of my free "Blue Things" - sweet, blue, lethal! Good though.
The Dos Equis model/brandwoman kept giving me Dos Equis, I went
upstairs with my "Blue Thing" and a Dos Equis in each back pocket.

Again, best part of VIPness: getting prime seat before doors open.
The Raconteurs may have been the best show I've ever attended (free VIP liquor a bonus).

Else we could've been with these mopes.

Discovered I was wrong, nobody was actually there for The Black Lips.
[Lily gave The Black Lips her "Spirit Award" though]

Huge respect for Brendan Benson, I get it now.

Band had fog machine because 9:30 is actually a non-smoking venue now.
Like who smokes, anyhow? What a loser thing to do. Guh!
Maybe I'll get a tattoo of a cigarette too.

Patrick had to sign things. He insisted I take one. Got it signed for the B, "Hey Brennan!" Nice guy.
Lily's says, "Thanks Lily!" He said the hardest part is thinking of clever things to write.