The Consequences of Freedom
Point and laugh and never stop
The emperor stands naked before us
Vainglorious compensation manifestations
to dismiss and ignore from superior vantages
Heap upon thee ridicule by the shovelful
And resist even the ostensibly conciliatory
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

The falsest of flags the fakest of news
Wither before the goldenest of rules
Vertices of lies webs of insanity
Eleven September and sniper guys
Continue to survive and survive to continue
We have all the power
How come we never talk anymore?


So so so very much suddenly going on now
but so much not really happening yet

Icebergs melting literally and via metaphor
as everyone groups onto self-selected floes

Running backwards on treadmills that have
actually traveled farther than those who run upon

Wise monkeys and pinball wizards deaf dumb blind
hear speak see nothing not selfie self-centered

This collective societal mental breakdown
at the cusp of the machine uprising

Survival will not be an in-app purchase
with all this talk about utopia and dystopia


Finnegan PBA


5th Draft

Why hasn't anyone ever told me?

I’m sure they have but I have never believed.

But they’re always like, “but seriously.”

And I’m always all, “why the lies?”


It is incumbent on yourself to finally see yourself


And until you do you can never believe yourself


All the others possess the magical “it” that has eluded me for an existence

I have never been the one with particular talents

I have not understood what success feels like

And I probably reek of a thick despondent desperation

Mostly odd weird and a little creepy

There is nothing to see here – move on