Floss the dog and eat a hare
You’re swimming in your underwear
The day is long the night is short
I’ll sue you in the district court

Solstice dreams are’a playground test
Brainwave schemes describe it best
Your mom is old but so are you
Life to live our age is through

Touch-up paint and spackle paste
See the mirror see the waste
Time’s the thing you cannot change
It ebbs it flows it feels so strange

The pros and cons a list so long
Gambled big & gambled wrong
For all we is is what we are
A fleck of dust from distant stars


2022 - 17

shade of a beautiful sun storm



Walk in the shade of a beautiful sun storm
Exist for just the sake of

I miss art
It is all art

There is perfection in everything
Feel and touch magic


Prediction is the key to success
Ownership drives compliance

Everything changes
Without dimension

There is a legend to the code
Always remember everything


Flight of the Earls

10:00 para auriculares y cacao

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