L. E. I. S.

of dreams and joys
of levels of satisfaction
and where we appear on all the scales
sometimes all we only ever need is to hear
that “it’s okay”

no one will solve all the problems
nobody can fix everything
but when we take one step out of ourselves
trajectories become clear
it is getting better all of the time

when the mundaneness of real life
feels less and less like a reality
even with the most horrifying dreams
waking up is anticlimactic

i hear the woes
empathies heartfelt
but my only recourse
is to lead by example

differences exist
between the involuntary
and more degrees of choosing
nothing is ever going to change
while everything always changes



Timely Random Timing

That was weird
but totally wasn't
Venn diagrams of purgatory dreams

Never forgetting
Always forgiving

Ghosts among ghouls
sideshow freakery
I already learned everything necessary

Ever knowing
Forever growing

Continually performing
mostly in mirrors
Circular theater in the round

Always competing
Never conceding

The differences
are subtle between
The organic and the synthetic

Forever spinning
Ever winning

Holding aces
up proverbial sleeves
That may never need playing


I Died Long Ago

The story remains largely unwritten
Truths are demonstrably far too painful
For the actors and to the observers
Improvising a life generally off book

so the stories became far too mundane
showcasing an existence far too ordinary
protecting those lovelies closest
by the exclusion of audiences

Do no harm
To self or other (is)
The first rule of Life Club
A survivalist manifesto of humanity

there will always be speculation about actualities
but if unspilled there is no evidence of milk
yet just because a vault is locked
does not necessarily mean wealth lies

To what lengths
For how long
What purposes are served
These are the open questions



A Mid-Summer Peek

a mid-summer peek
   into unmanaged time and thought
it is strenuous enough work
   as a relative term
attempting to make your way home
   and no one finds their way back
sweet spot and equilibrium
   where the formulas optimize
zones of safe harbor
   or criminal hide-outs
with so much to ponder and juggle
   and avoid and dismiss
i just still want to ride the ponies
   art as selfish manipulation
but my shoes are stuck in the mud
   i am a phony sham coward