Some shit never changes.

Dresses like a roadie.

Money is time.

Time is money.

The waiting kills.


Load in.

Good roadies/techs are hard to find.
Studio Diary - Discussions

A Four-Way:

Although I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for the song (the craft, hooks, construction, etc.), I cannot remove myself from the album. The big piece, the opera, the whole rodeo. It’s like continents fitting together to form a planet, or better, finding the right planets to construct the perfect solar system. Song = hard. Album = impossible. Why sell your art short?

I just had a complete shift in thought. I have always been pro-album. As in the songs should be taken in context, the album as "whole," etc, that kind of shit, you know what I mean.

Noise, amp buzz, street sounds, it's all part of the final package.

You’re right about wanting that message in a bottle to come back to you. I mean, what do you put in a bottle you throw in the ocean? Your address so you can get it back. But getting it back isn't the important thing, it's the person bringing it back - you FOUND that person. You and this person are now connected in a way you aren't with anyone else. Possibly this is the person you were looking for? Or maybe it's to see if you can effect change over great distances in space or time. Yeah, that too.

For example, I prefer headphones and conceptual, obtusely narrative albums because those aid me in the hijacking. The experiences I create are intended for full immersion rather than background or sing along music. And it's has more than a little to do with the fact that I don't perform live anymore. And the experience, if successful, should continue after listening by posing questions, leaving messages, creating mysteries, and establishing a compelling and reflective (if imaginary) world to be considered between listenings.

Being half white/half black, I’ve always felt comfortable making both highly uncomfortable. That’s why I drove people like R.J. crazy. Not from a race perspective, but they can’t comprehend what I’m doing or what I’ll do next.

I’ve always wrapped my art around the conceptual. As far as audiences, I maintain that I make stuff for a limited audience, but I really make stuff for me to rediscover many years in the future, what I call future gifting. I’ve spent most of my adult life stumbling across future gifts. It’s like finding stash from last winter in your heavy coat.

I wish I had a pony.

We, the family, were talking over the holiday about the supposed demise of albums (CDs, etc.) because, as we are being told by some pundits, everything will be available electronically and everyone will just go out and download (buy or not) what they want to hear, etc. We all agreed that this won't happen as quickly as some say (some are saying by the end of this year). As I was listening to "The Wall" (the album), one of Petey's presents, I realized another reason it won't happen that easily: many albums exist in their form for a reason. Albums are wholes with the parts generally in intentional arrangements. Infinite mixing, unlimited electronic shuffling would be tantamount for many albums, many artists, to shuffle reading a novel -- chapter 12, chapter 3, chapter 43, chapter 8, chapter 34. (Of course, I suppose albums can become single files -- i.e., a single "son.")

Anyhow, good you're working on this. Must be a creative thing in the air. About a month ago I began working on a bread cookbook that I have been mulling over for years (I do a lot of bread baking - have published many recipes). Something in the air?

So now it begins. It's wonderful how easily the mind slips back into create mode.

Studio Diary - THREE

Devil Music


Studio Diary - two

Yeah, I've had a similar shift too.

I enjoy songs. If a group is not up to an album, they make two good songs and fill with shit.

I've just started a new project. I'll know when I'm finished. Maybe a couple long songs, or an album. I don't know yet.

But, it won't contain a bunch of filler since I'm not making it for a corporation and have "contractual obligations."

But, there are still classic and perfect albums; full pieces that deserve the room.

But, yeah the fucking devil. Great title, by the way: "The Fucking Devil"

Studio Diary - two



Excuses behind me, loads of work before me.

Department of Experimental Accounting.


Guitar - acoustic

Guitar - electric

Piano - baby grand, out of tune


Toy piano

Soprano Ukulele

Bass - electro/acoustic

Years of recorded samples and field recordings

Bunch of other shit


I'm getting kind of old to again make the best album ever. This might be it. You know, "it."

The Floods of Lexington Pacheco

Music to Nod-off to




Stolen Democracy

Here we go...all these ideas I've incubated (all somehow magically lost right now) over the years are ready to do something.

The best thing about this effort will be getting it out of my head.



[Post Originally Untitled]

They say write [about] what you know
But what if you know very little or practically nothing?

What if the only thing you know about
Makes little or no sense to anyone – including yourself sometimes?

There are the absolutes

I know that fire is hot; it also burns and you can cook with it
I know I cannot breathe under water

I know that if my heart stops beating, I’ll die
I know if I don’t eat, I get awfully hungry

My intestines work involuntarily

But about the pain and confusion
About the pondering and observations?

And the loss of vocabulary regarding
Banal discussions about lines or weather?

Does anyone really care?

I know about the urges and the want
Bottlenecks of energies unfulfilled

I know that it’s all make believe
The politics the religions and the careers

Smokes and mirrors – sleight of hand - knots

The arts and some crafts make happiness
As do simple moments unspoken unpromised

I know it’s all going to come to an abrupt and brutal end
I know, I know, it’s all so depressing

I suppose the answer it to not write - this I know


Step Aside, Clyde

It's complex, really

Chemistry of the brain

and the tweaks and nudges

We add

50 milligrams, or so, at a time

Confidence sans agression

Socialization sans pretense

You will know -- you will know

Since we are still unlike the rest

Get over your disrespect

Educate yourself

This is it

And we're all in the together

in this short, short life

Make fun not wars

Vacations for the arts

Inorganic in conjunction with the organic

I suffer no trauma, doll


Deep, very deep

Inside the brain

There's a place I go

A space I go

In the middle

You get the drift

The middlespaces

of middlespace



the DNA


Half-lives and dangerous buildups.

To that end, it was crucial to curb formal education and abstract thinking.

 Binge over, of sorts, I've been to the top. The core.


Prison of the mind

Detention of the soul

Welfare torture static

No more rock 'n roll

Redneck washout nazi

Ghetto homeless stars

Debilitating pathos

No more oil for the cars

Less said is best stated

One nod or shrug a time

Survival has become

Less rhythmic than divine

When the last vote is counted

After the last soldier is dead

When the final baby

Has been dropped upon his head

I will be sitting there

Watching judging scoring

Hoping your holy afterlife

Lets you stop this whoring


blog me

blog you

like i care what you think

like i care if you care what i think

blog this

today i woke up

had a terrible pain in the neck and upper back

took a shower

washed my ass

drove to work

slept on the floor for most of the day

back still hurts

(but ass is sparkling clean)

getting ready to go back home

eat dinner and dim my pain

on cocktails of man made pleasures

and suffer through televised belittlement

like you care

like i care

like insanity of humanity

we can take comfort in safe doses
the pain is pretty bad

the fear is even worse

and the consequences are dire


sometimes you might need to detox

it could help you with your rhyme-flow and your beatbox.



Fuck hip-hop.

Wear a belt!

- Banksy, U.K.


It was decided at a very young age that an artist I was to be. Clearly, that was the direction to head. Clearly, it was intuited that creating overshadowed consuming.

This so-called dabbling has taken me to many places and on many journeys that I probably never would have embarked, nor expected. Or survived. I’ve been to the bowels of middle spaces.

All the experimenting. The tests. Litmus. Educating. The building of infrastructure. Future gifting. All for what? For self or for humanity?

Through many slogans, logos and campaigns, I return to where it all started. Fate intervening, as usual, generally for the betterment. Will imposed by force or by subconscious processing. But, I have indeed returned to the beginning; full circle.

The mind as the finest art. The heart as the barometer. Souls bartered for returns to glory’s past. Fuck or be fucked. Naked, alone, and afraid.

Belief that whatever you’ve wanted, you could have. All of it. You just have to have the want enough. You just have to transform desire into necessity. Forced, by will of mind and psychological jiu-jitsu.

And, when it hits, it hits hard, man. Blocking taste, rest, and erotic desires. We are the junkies. We are the powerless. We are all so fully empty.


Hacky sack is just as odd as can be.

You don't pick up chicks kicking the 'ole footbag around.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Rove = Over [move over Rover and let Jimi take over]


I'd have to move to Mopetown.
Okay, wouldn't it suck...

So, we know The Election will be a huge deal and very, very close, right?

But, some of us have the balls to sit around guessing that it won't be as close as polling predicts. We're all convinced that Kerry will really crush; resulting in a humiliating Bush tail-between-the-legs defeat. We: the so-called Liberal Intelligensia.

But, what if?

What if the reverse somehow happens? Bush in a Nixonian, Reaganian LANDSLIDE! A fucking mandate!

Wouldn't it suck?!

Once I got out of the psych ward, I'd have to move to Canada, or France...


today's Bethesda graffiti:

"Ku Klux Fag"



Six for six

feel the burn

reel the yearn

letting the addiction of insanity

take the mind and body to places

undesireable yet unavoidable

Time to make contingency plans

because the big brave facade

is starting to crumble

into heaps of fear and remorse

shit yeah I'm really, really scared

If I should survive myself

I would be the luckiest man alive

postponing death for at least another year

so I can really say

looking forward at forty

What do they take us for?


drunk and high on the power of chickenshit
Save the Troops

...for a rainy day

...for target practice

...for political gain

...from themselves

...the pain and suffering

...from the humiliation

...from the president


1) I forgot what goes here.

2) Halloween is the next, new Christmas.

3) I forgot what goes here.


Shallow processing of complexities

Confidence in data-less facts

The WILL as dictated by mysterious higher powers

And the toppling of a keen experiment

After only 228 short years

Six for Seven

Wallowing in cornography

Momentum building upon momentum

Skulls & Bones of

The Idle progeny of the ruling class

A shock treatment imposed

Upon cities aflame
Pink-eyed self-abuser

of various nouns - indiscriminant

Nuns and homosexuals

sharing psychic spaces if not similar gods

Straw for hair

hammer-headed sharks

bobble-head upon racks of pointy bones

[and I don't like what you got me hangin' from]

RED power tie

WHITE crisp shirt

& BLUE pinstripe suit

Shit for phone hanging from your ear

you got a fucking hole in your shoe!

no one alerted you

Lying motherfuckers

It's time to shut 'em down

Symptom relief without surgery

Hit 'em hard ('cuz this is hard work)

Play the blues

So Partisan It's actually quite painful

Ideology entrenched into competing camps:

I Am Right & They Are Wrong

A universe divided

Split into halves and "haves"

Take me by the hand

Lead me to places where care

Doesn't exist anymore

To states united intelligently

Effectively and carefully

The achievement of balances

Across many multi-layered dimensions

Harmony the ultimate destination

A journey fraught with misery

Unimaginable pain and suffering

Lying motherfuckers all

It was Andy Griffith meets Barney Fife



Binge days have begun, in earnest.

Karl Rove.

Listen, children. And, if you had listened the first time, we wouldn't all be in the situation we're in now.

Listen. Follow. Obey. Serve.

I'm here to take the chill off. To soothe the needy.

Karl Rove, my main man.

Let's feast. Let's binge. Let's pillage.

Karl Rove.


On vinyl, "Voodoo Chile" is the end of a side, and "Little Miss Strange" is the beginning of the next side. This makes sense.

Anyhow, the sequence design was for one to take a break after "Voodoo Chile." Rest, roll another. Pee. Eat. Then settle in for the next leg of the tour.

But, after the massive journey of "Chile," even on CD, "Strange" serves a distinct purpose: juxtaposition. It's the cold splash of water that prevents one from becoming insane. It's a life saver. After you realize that you've set yourself on fire, "Strange" is a handy, helpful hose.

It works, think, "Tom's Three Minute Single."



From 09.02.04 Washington Post

Hollywood, Calif.: The Republicans must be euphoric. Their leaders have been impressive, especially McCain, Schwarzenegger and Giuliani. The street demonstrations have just shown that the Democrats are not the kind of people you want to trust with important decisions. This convention looks like the turning point in the election. Are they taunting you yet?

Al Franken: Obviously I disagree. I thought Schwarzenegger made a huge mistake with the girly-man comment. I saw Giuliani disgrace himself by lying about Kerry and by exploiting 9/11 in a way that was shameful. For example talking about seeing a guy jump from the Trade Center and then making up this thing about thanking God George W. Bush is president. I don't think the demonstrators who misbehave were Democrats. And while I respect McCain I thought his comments about Michael Moore were unfortunate considering he had never seen the movie as he admitted later.

As far as taunting: you are going to lose, loser.


We really are living in frightening times now. Surrounded by liars, psychopaths, and evil people in it for the money.

I can't help to wonder what the hell is really going on? How will history reflect on the turn of this century? Will the label CWII stick?

[new toy]

I mean, we won the Olympics, right? So, there's some good for US sure.

We still have TeeVee and microwave popcorn...we're fatter and lazier than ever. Using up all the oxygen and oil.

Pinch me so I can wake up to my miserably wonderful life.


And so it begins, er, continues.


Like genitals exposed for everyone to see.

I have had many thoughts lately.
The New York Times reports that not only was "much of the information that led the authorities to raise the terror alert at several large financial institutions ... three or four years old," intelligence and law enforcement officials "reported that they had not yet found concrete evidence that a terror plot or preparatory surveillance operations were still under way."

Anyone consider this yet: So, if it's 3-4 years old, the information is probably about the World Trade Center, you know, September 11...2001. Doh!

They're marching all over town with guns and body armour for what again? Oh, to drown out any John Kerry news. Clever, I suppose. But, pretty damn insulting.


> good


> i have cameras


> i have list


> i am waiting for forms from steve and doug


> still waiting to hear from hamilton


> then can pitch clark


> peter will be back on mon to sign your invoice.


Realizing that I've been alive through eight presidencies, the thought has occured: I am getting old.

Still, no friends

No real enemies

Oddly neutral and somewhat feared

Respected yet avoided

It's a funny time to be me

Or is it?

"The radical right are to conservatives as anarchists are to liberals."

- D.P. Moynihan

"The—Pet—Goat. A—girl—got—a—pet—goat. But—the—goat—did—some—things—that—made—the—girl's—dad—mad."

- G.W. Bush


Why do republicans hate Americans?

Friday News | Bush urges blacks not to back Democrats

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"What we can say with confidence is that none of the measures adopted by the US government from 1998 to 2001 disturbed or even delayed the progress of the al-Qaida plot.

Mr Kean, a Republican former governor of New Jersey, said it was not the commission's job to assign blame on a particular administration. Instead, he said: "Any person in a senior position within our government during this time bears some element of responsibility for our government's actions."

The commission also faulted Congress for failing to monitor the intelligence and counter-terrorist agencies properly and recommended it create a single committee to oversee homeland security. "So long as oversight is undermined by current congressional rules and resolutions, we believe the American people will not get the security they want and need," the commissioners wrote.

Analysis: This ALL happened under a wack job (R) administration and a wack job (R) congress way too busy looking at the president's penis to notice the world coming apart at the seams.
remember back in oh-one september

remember how scared we all were?

we were running around sorting out who would live

who would die

but where are we now?


nowhere at all yet


My Life of Proabability


"My final prediction for today is that the U.S. will not send any teams to the Olympic Games this year. And the World Series will also be canceled or at least postponed for a National Security emergency that will never be explained in public until long after George Bush is gone from the White House, which will happen in early November -- or at least before Groundhog Day next year.

We are all going for a very wild ride for the next few months. So good luck and drink all the cold beer you can get your hands on for as long as necessary to guarantee victory and lasting peace in the nation and the world.

Buy the ticket, take the ride."

HST - 07.06.04


"So I had a choice to make: either take the word of a madman or defend America. Given that choice I will defend America."

George W. Bush on Saddam Hussein

July 12, 2004


"So I had a choice to make: either take the word of a madman or defend America. Given that choice I will defend America."

Ty Hardaway on George W. Bush

July 12, 2004

Maybe Patrick was right. Maybe the election is a lock after all.... Isn't this convenient? You don't have to compete if there's no competition.

The King of America is planning to eliminate democratic elections:


The Boston Herald

Feds plan for disruption of elections

By Andrew Miga

Monday, July 12, 2004

WASHINGTON - Two Bay State congressmen yesterday scoffed at emergency plans under review by Homeland Security to postpone the November election should al-Qaeda launch a major strike to disrupt it.

``That would be the ultimate surrender to terrorism for a democracy,'' said U.S. Rep. William Delahunt [related, bio] (D-Quincy) in a Herald interview. ``It just creates more fear, if you will. I can't imagine postponing an election like that.''

The presidential election delay contingency planning, first reported by Newsweek, comes in the wake of public warnings last week by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge that al-Qaeda may seek to influence the Nov. 2 election with a ``large-scale'' attack.

``I find it difficult to believe that al-Qaeda could attack the country in such a way that the election would have to be postponed,'' said U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano [related, bio] (D-Somerville). ``It seems pretty extreme to me, but we live in a new world after 9/11.

Capuano has been a leading critic of the Homeland Security Department, which he said has focused on the wrong types of anti-terror measures.

Homeland Security officials last week asked the Justice Department what legal steps would be needed for the federal government to postpone a national election in the event of a terrorist attack on the day before or the day of the election, Newsweek reported.

Officials believe such authority could require constitutional changes as well as new election laws on the state and local levels.

``I hope they don't spend a lot of time on this election postponement (proposal),'' said Capuano. ``I'd rather have them figure out how to handle the Democratic National Convention more smoothly.''

U.S. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Malden), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, was less critical, saying emergency election plans would be a ``drastic step'' that could pay dividends.

``The best answer to this threat is prevention - don't let an attack succeed in the first place,'' said Markey. ``Unfortunately, there are too many gaps in our homeland defenses to say with any confidence that we are ready to thwart any threat.''

Homeland Security sought legal advice from the Justice Department after receiving a letter from DeForest B. Soaries Jr., the chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which helps localities conduct federal elections.

Soaries urged Ridge to press Congress for emergency legislation that would permit the Election Assistance Commission to postpone federal elections should catastrophes such as a terrorist strike occur near the voting.

Numerous intelligence sources suggest senior al-Qaeda officials are behind the planning to sabotage the U.S. presidential election, Ridge said last week.

The Madrid railway bombings by al-Qaeda in March helped spur the ouster of Spain's prime minister, who had backed President Bush [related, bio] in the war in Iraq.


All hail!


When you never eat the cocoa

You don't need much

Of the cocoa

To whet your whistle

Thank you and good night

Or as Brennie sez

"Nite nite"


"Thanks. It's probably neurochemical. Someone told me that I sometimes talk in my sleep in a hash of English-sounding phonemes that are not real words but are arranged in paragraphs and have the tone of someone engaged in a rational argument. Stuff just skitters through my brain all the time. A constant chorus of associations."

S. Erfurth, 07.08.04
Will I survive this lifetime?

What is it I ascribe to be?

Have I lost all humor?


A Dissection Begins:

Detailed analysis of Rich Walkling’s The Floods of Lexington Pacheco

No more southern precedents

Headphone insanity

Shit, goddamn motherfuckin’ yeah!

Lay your hammer down upon me

[Perhaps the best six minutes I’ve ever experienced]

Forget this shit

Time to turn on the Visualizer, man

So goddamn luxurious

Vowed to serve people in poverty, sickness, and ignorance

After the wars we will all wear headphones

Cannot concentrate on anything anymore

All focus is on floods

Floods and more floods

A patience that exceed all lessons

And I still have no idea what any of it means

Yet so painfully jealous and happy

A resounding joy – I hear you

Canons and angels and Asian chicks

In one song

So intentional

Such a wonderful noise

Reduced to tears

Like an insane toddler

in a Chinese prison

Beaten like a goddamn egg

You broke my shovel

Don’t push me there

You know how hyper-competitive I get

I will too hunker down

[Perhaps the best nine minutes I’ve ever experienced]

Thank you - bless you


Dear Ty,

Thank you for your generous contribution to our campaign.

The election is in full swing now, and we're winning -- but only thanks to

people like you.

Please take the next step and ask your friends to sign up for

John Kerry's success on Election Day depends on all of us and signing up will

insure your friends participate in activities that will make the difference

in November.

If you want to learn more about John Kerry or his positions on the issues,

please visit our website at

Thanks for your support!

Thank you,

The Team

Take it back:

:: Give to save America ::

It's ours!
The Floods of Lexington Pacheco

Aborted poetry in light of a

Casual nastiness that is less a

Surrogate for a knowing haughtiness

But more the hideous mask of

Personal insecurity

The kind that screams:

"What kind of American are you?

You don't even have a flag on your car.

Your car! Your fucking Car! Jesus Christ,

it's like you're some kind of God damn retard!

I don't know, are you retarded?

No flag, no yellow ribbons, no nothing. Jesus!

God damn you. God fucking damn you! I would

kill you now if I didn't know you were going

straight to hell. At least get a 'National Pride'

air freshener for crying out loud! What is your problem?!

This is America!"

I certainly appreciate a good, well-placed snap; one born quickly and smartly. But, typified of our lost and dying cultural intellect, cold, dumb remarks that attempt to enhance one's own stature only expose the chinks, the cracks and Achilles vulnerabilities.

In us all.


What floor?


Itching like the dope fiend I am

Trying desperately again

to not only find but

dramatically improve upon

the style and sheer perfection

of Zone's past

But you leave psychological

fingerprints anyway


With a Buddhist's detachment from things of this world

The Popes and the Anti-Popes duel for softball supremacy

Americans. Federal. National. State.

Political Correctness: a quaint throwback to the end of the past century

Intellectually immature like a

Miss America for the 21st century

I'm pretty sad about my daughter's broken arm

But as "they" are "always" fond of saying:

This isn't a democracy (no, no-no-no no)


Sometimes it feels like the beginning of the end

A shot of sake like a tug on a joint




...Just like her mom.

And, doesn't really give a damn.

Here's What's News: She got the tough genes.


[Previously Untitled]

Yeah, something like that...

Because I don't want to die
Because I can see through the knots
And because I don't want my brain to explode

Now that the stakes have been raised
To near impossible levels
In the whole world (nothing bothers us)


Two years. It counts.

Six years. It counts.


Living in a different world

Of make believe and reality entertainment

A field recording of a juice box culture

Down twenty or up ten only matters

When you believe in external loci of control

What was the war like, daddy?

Smug, elitist intellectuals

Decapitating all nonsensical thoughts

Through their snooty depictions of

Heightened security times

My crack opposition research on you

Suggests that you are, if not more,

At least as big of a scumbag as me

We poll identically in America

Hearts and (land)minds

Anthropologists will shrug

Historians will cower

The Chinese will laugh

The gods will cry

Life in the Daddy State Global Order

Promises to be a

Somewhat mixed affair

Sellout Watch

Sellout watch, day 194
The new and improved Company Man
If I could kill myself right now
I would

Love of me deeper than love of all
All that remains is the music in my head
Rippling muscles and stocking feet

Distractions however
Soothe relieve pacify
(lift and separate)

Gang of five...kooks
"Some of these memos may be classified in some ways for some purposes..."


At least Nixon, as a character, was interesting.

And, Brother Ray, by comparison, was a national treasure.


"I learned to see through the fraud of race. See who was legit. Who had game."


"It's funny how sometimes when you're being a douche bag, you're aware of it while you're doing it. And still, you can't help it."


Here's where I live now:

The highlight of my weekend? Rock and Roll gig? No. Chillin' with the loyal followers? Naw. Mind expansion? Breakthrough that changes everything? Nope.

I power-washed our brick front porch today. My grout rocks! I can't stop looking outside...

My, how things change.


InternetIsShit#8 <– Clicky

8 of 11

We need to start again. We need to stop saying how wonderful things are. We need to openly, truthfully and respectfully admit that the internet itself, in almost all of what's been done with it, is shit.


The effects are relatively long lasting, inducing a type of mental

clarity and expansion of though processing capabilities. A feeling of

enhanced memory and accelerated intellect is often experienced, however

the racy edge of physical and mental stimulation is seldom noted. This

state is especially suited to periods of intense study, calculations, and

cerebral activity requiring endurance to maintain continuous attention and

precision focusing.
The generation of my grandparents seemed to have all kinds of names for afro-americans, and hearing them pop out of my grandparents' mouths as I was growing up was always unsettling to me.

There have been times I've wished I was black for some reason, with all the drums and stuff, guess I've always sort of wanted to get back into the jungle. Well like one of the prisoners said to me, "welcome to the jungle baby."


"This is what I told that pilot, and I believe it's sound advice: If you really want to rise above the herd, get out there and be born into an unbelievably wealthy family, preferably one that has been rich for centuries. Once you do that, nothing can stand between you and your dreams. But do it soon. Life is short, and you're only born once. "

H. Edward Winslow III


"...someone with a messianic-grade superiority complex, out to punish the entire human race for its appalling inferiority."


"I just looked down. It's 4:20 on 4.20.

'Nuff said."
"A country that hides things is a country that is afraid of getting caught."

President George W. Bush, April 13, 2004


"I passionately hate the idea of being 'with it,' I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time."

- Orson Welles


Only In Dreams Is This Normal

Two nights ago, I remember dreaming about being "at work," some type of office/corporate business environment and “the government” arrived to pick up the people selected for military duty. I remember thinking that this had become normal and I guess my time had come due. At some point in the future, federal officials would arrive at your home or work to pick you up when it was your time. You know the officials, dark suits, dark glasses, and officious tone. Direct.

Much is hazy until I recall being in uniform, outside, some place warm, by the sea. I am among many new recruits. I recognize the New Zealand national flag. Somehow we’ve been shipped to New Zealand for ‘training.’ Welcoming us were women soldiers of New Zealand, I suppose. Instead of barking orders, we were greeted with sympathetic hugs, and welcomes.

So last night, I’m playing bass for the Rolling Stones – in concert. It’s quite exciting and oddly normal. There’s Keith, Mick and Charlie. I don’t have a clue how to play the songs or what the set list is. Keith walks up and says, “Don’t fucking worry about it, nobody gives a shit.” Later, Keith and Mick and I are in a grocery store and Keith and Mick have very little consideration of others and very bad manners. Their behavior is appalling yet quite funny. At one point, Keith whips out a straightedge razor and snorts a huge line. The both look like hell, they smell even worse.

People are falling all over themselves to get closer to us. The cops have to be called in to control the fans. Next thing you know, we all have on women’s clothing and we’re trying to sneak out of the store. Mick finds the whole thing hilarious. Keith continues to get really wasted. Obviously, I’m along for the ride…of my life. Charlie loves the wigs. They've all done this before.


"It's so obviously the truth what Kerry said, and the Republicans are just having fun with it -- everybody knows it's true. . . In the last six or seven months, I've been in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. I've met with leaders in all of those regions, and they have overwhelmingly -- not unanimously but overwhelmingly -- said that they hope that there's a change in leadership."

Richard Holbrooke on John Kerry’s assertion that world leaders support his candidacy


it just clicked

magic johnson

triple (3) double (2)

3 2


damn, i'm slow


Branding the Un Brand Able

Tears from behind eyes dreaming

Of heroes turned bums

Laid naked before children

Their intuition tuned toward the obvious

Sympathies intact but waning

In face of pathetic begging and ingratiations

A friendly front despite harmful data

Oh, but does time erode our mountains

In all fairness

We have lived our moments

Of the dreams that have already come true

For that time (of inexperiences)

But as we individually evolve

So must those dreams

Because if “the future is now”

Then us visionaries and futurists are unemployed

It’s the children of like age

Who specifically rip my heart to shreds

The ‘missing’ is incomprehensible

Yet the relief of being off duty

Only serves guilt in grotesque portions

Yeah, you didn’t receive a tip

Because you shorted me a penny

If you have the temper for it

Mass transportation is a viable alternative

Jitter fumbling phones

Suits, suits and more suits

I cannot stand the sight of

The standard-issue sell-out motherfuckers

The devil in me is the devil in us all

It’s us as a company of

It’s not ‘they,’ it’s ‘us’

You have to be careful with your team

Caught out in the proverbial rain

Like an addiction to Jesus Christ

At least that’s the company line

In the company of converts


I do not know what it is

Feeling this way for whatever reason

Out there - way out there


"[Howard Stearn] urged listeners not to support Bush in the presidential election. "Vote this maniac out of office," he said."




Job Description

People want to be cool.

It's my job to show 'em how.


From the Culture War front:

PORTLAND -- Multnomah County will issue same-sex couples marriage licenses at 10 a.m. Wednesday.


Nyack Mayor John Shields will join the New Paltz mayor, Jason West, in issuing the licenses. West vowed to go ahead with up to two dozen same-sex weddings this weekend, despite being charged with 19 criminal counts and possibly facing jail time for marrying gay couples.
[Howard] Stern has been a vocal Bush supporter in the past, but over the last few days he's been ranting on the air about Clear Channel's deep financial ties to the White House and claiming that he's become the target of a conspiracy since he began trashing the president in recent weeks.

...Stern -- after reading a copy of Al Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" -- told listeners: "If you read this book, you will never vote for George W. Bush ... I think this guy is a religious fanatic and a Jesus freak, and he is just hell bent on getting some sort of bizzaro agenda through."



Gone are the "Days of Marijuana"

of colors gone wrong with warmth and texture

and perfectly interlocking intertwining sounds despite

Paranoia is now a product of

The realities of our government and our religions

Noise harsher and sites much more grotesque

The cat geriatric now

Howling for food when fed

Dragging its shit every where

Judgment honed like dissertation data

America over-romanticized like pre-masturbatory pornography

The maxing of credit limits becomes

The last great act of patriotism

Yet for a simple tweak of art

Joy is there for harvest

One last salve for the spirit before we die again

Thirty-eight things to say


Mexico sure is fun


Happiness is a fallacy

I don't know who lived in more places

McKenzie or Big Dave Wave

at one brief point, they lived together

with Aaron

Perfect phrases of the English language

Are as elusive as large fish that

Always somehow manage to get away

You will hit me on the head forever

You are playing something related to the dulcimer

Culture Gurus

Are masters of sellout philosophies

Fulfillment of potentials

Can't trust it

The subtle & the mundane

How individuals impact groups

How guitars make you air


meticulously the documented

Planning a grand escape

Diligently they schemed (no lie, homey)

That is not how you play guitars and drums
How come nobody's freaking on Kid Rock?

Isn't there a Constitutional amendment in the works here too:

Flag Desecration at Superbowl


"Let's make a constitutional amendment against presidents that lie."

Al Sharpton, 02.29.04
"That someone was sitting with a finger poised on a sanitizing switch suggests in itself that we are to have a new wave of heavy-duty censorship in America and all caused by the exposure of one breast -- Janet Jackson's on the halftime show of this year's Super Bowl. That single unveiling seems to be fostering a climate of suppression and fear the likes of which no hard-core porno film was ever able to engender. "

Tom Shales, Washington Post 03.01.04


I'm starting to become emboldened again.

[ween's "puffy cloud"]
Welcome to today’s Culture War Update

In this round, it’s once again the faithful vs. (versus?) the informed

Both teams are enlightened; only one set in the Truth

The King will return, but that return will likely be leisurely

Music, field mowing and lots of feisty antics

Geopolitics, corporate greed and paranoia

Highlights from today’s battles (we’re 3-for-4 this week):

After making headlines in San Francisco and Massachusetts, and New Mexico the national debate over gay marriage migrated today to a smaller stage, the Hudson Valley community of New Paltz north of New York City…

Faced with a refusal by the Bush administration to provide certain documents related to prewar intelligence on Iraq, the Senate intelligence committee voted in a closed session on Thursday to move toward a possible subpoena…

The federal appeals court here [SF] has refused to reconsider its ruling that allows Californians to grow and use marijuana to treat their illnesses...

The House approved a measure on Thursday that would make it a separate offense to harm the fetus while committing a violent crime against a pregnant woman, overcoming objections that the legislation was intended to undermine abortion rights…


4:47 a.m.

crying baby

howling cat

coughing daddy

snoring mom


[Previously Untitled]

Now that all the baggage has worn off, I can definitely say that Vota Asi is one of the very finest Kingdom of Leisure tracks.

Credit where credit is due though; fate played a significant hand in its creation, at least from the production side. Actually, from what I remember, fate was a huge part of the performance side too. It sounds like they knew what the hell they were doing. Maybe they did. Accidental? Who's to say?

Nuances. Touches. I happened across it bookended by the Beatles Norwegian Wood and Soundgarden's Dusty.

In fact, and I just realized this, the whole tKoL experience was all a big "future gift." It's like they went forward in time, five ten or more years and left little gifts (or mines or pointers or whatever), but it ceases to amaze that when you're lost, there are these pointers to help out along the way.

What is it parents are taught to say, "you may not like it now, but investing in your education now will pay off in the future." Some shit like that. Well, if you break ass and spend a couple of years making stuff, then dispersing it into the universe, it'll all come raining down some day.

Vota Asi

So you're too cool for romance
just get some on the side
I'm a peace loving man but you made the wrong woman cry

Think you can just walk in walk out
Snakes in the house snakes in the grass
And you thought I was joking when I said I'd kick your ass

She ain't no toy she's family
you should have left her all alone
Well you're a bad motherfucker but you're a long way from home

So you're still looking in bushes
for what you got right in your hand
blowing at boulders kicking at quicksand

We'll you messed with the wrong tribe
when you said you had to go
Well this is her consolation prize sideshow Romeo


World War III

Petroleum war? Nope. Culture war.

"President Bush wants to see the controversial new film, "The Passion of the Christ," his spokesman said Friday."

"At least a half-dozen gay and lesbian couples waited outside the Sandoval County courthouse after county clerk Victoria Dunlap began issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples."

So what?

"The president will seat Mr. Pryor, who has gained prominence as an outspoken opponent of legalized abortion and as an advocate for a greater Christian influence in government, on the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, the officials said."

"Madison, Maine -- Tired of the same old Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts? The Madison Planning Board tonight takes up a man's application to open a topless coffee shop on Main Street."

So what?
DJ Richie-Scratchy:

Maybe it is the guitars. "Mendota" just popped up. Not only are the notes perfectly spaced, but the pace is something akin to heaven. Nothing rushed but nothing lagging.

You kinda gotta figger.


Dear Dan,

I have entered a revival period in my love-hate relationship with singles - I'm a album guy. This morning I have to reach out to you to thank you for personal spiritual revival and inspiration. This morning, while swimming in the ecstasy of the iPod all-song shuffle, the most beautiful song I've ever heard/experienced played (10/2,014). Fuck me if it wasn't My Oh My from Wintertime.

Thank you for joy. Of course, I now have to question all previous notions of wonderment and musical perfections. I wonder aloud how foolish I have been in thinking that I could contribute to an already complete body of historical and psychic art. That song wounded me pretty hard. If I didn't love you, I would punch you in the shoulder.

Again, thanks.

(I think, but of course, I am not positive, nothing scientific, but I think that maryjane had something to do with its popularity.)


I am sitting on the 2nd floor of the lovely Bethesda Corporate offices (my reference to "here" meant here in lovely corporate Bethesda). Strategizing. Planning. Cognitively playing chess with "the powers." Currently, I am pretty even but on a positive streak. I sometimes feel that I'm a character in 1984 or the film Brazil.

Informal members of the intellectual/progressive underground - IPU - number around a dozen. They include people from Chicago, Cambridge, Bethesda, telecommuters and a couple of very senior people. These are the truth seekers and the problem solvers. I consult with a couple of very long term, former employees ("former" is key because they feel they can tell all) and have willing internal consultants who are wonderful collaborators.

I don't know Dave, but if you say he's a cell, so be it. I am sure there are many. My goal is to create links and working relationships with several. One big success is that Dan and I control a large chunk of the information processing and have input into more.

I think during the Nixon administrations they were called the Plumbers - or the Committee to Re-elect the President.

I was fairly certain our garbage trucks wouldn't make it today given the ice storm. I didn't even take the can out. But, there they were, Donald and Enrique, waving at Brennan* and tooting the horn. They are amazing fellows.

With a little shared vision, we can make great changes. I am sure NSA will interpret this as all some sort of code.


Yes. It is cold. But, I don't have to enter your idiotic narrow themed discussion about how cold it is. I noticed, thanks.

So what? This isn't Belize. This is what happens every year during winter: it gets cold. We've called it winter forever.

Why all the drama? Your wool mittens and stocking cap can come off in your cubicle, it's what - between the forced air heat and the space heater - about 90 degrees in here. Your sweating!

I am boycotting your little play. I mean, the world's not coming to an end....

...or it is. Maybe that's what I'm concerned with.