2022 - 14


A Poem (with a particular cadence)


Do as I do and not as I say
The ultimate way of spending a day

The cheese is so hot the water’s too long
Learn all the children of what’s write and rong

Your Mother’s the lady whom I know the best
I popped her the quiz she failed me the test

Violets are red and the roses are sour
Tell me the time and I’ll give you an hour

Lies are to truth as cash is to money
Large sacs of pollen bees make the honey

Life is an exercise that makes me so tired
Keep drinking coffee you’re bound to get wired

A trap from the future I love her the most
Reading a novel egg sandwich on toast

Caught in the wild a siren in tune
Music to senses April is June



2022 - 11


Poetry Interrupted

Born ‘round The Lost Angels Riots
Slave descendant black to paradigm setting white
Shock perfectly balanced with the dumb
In utero all apologies to servants unserved

This is what America is
This is what America was
This is what America is ever going to be

All the protests and all the protestations
The divine heart of our foolhardy nation
What is culture and what is life
Intentionality intentionally rife

typing doesn't work today

to the body & for the mind 

healing is just a paradigm

doctors are only a fancy

pacifier for the 'fraidy class

everyday of or inside the healing

is so very different which

makes prediction almost impossible

and prediction is the key to success

for the mind & to the body

we are the life of the party

we are still all going to die

someday (probably alone) anyway

so think before you do

and do as i tell you

(say all the king's horses

and say all the king's people)

safety is our number one priority

but what happened to fun

when the window is closing

so live while you can