Peaches Too


10:39 para auriculares y cacao



So this is where the dice have landed this turn
At least this rigged game is now amusing     or at least better understood

Back in the ring for one last bout in a cash-out PPV extravaganza
the script is read and the scenes are rehearsed

Social batteries recharged on chaos uncertainty and pandemic
Bad habits atrophied and autopilots disengaged     there is clarity anew

Because once they taste blood–sharks and vampires and artists
all they want is more and more until there is none

While we will never literally live forever we can
Leave the breadcrumbs that suggest there was once a life    worth living



Still Here


Desperate times deserve appropriate responses
Since we lucked out this time around
And we already know the next go will be twice as wrong

Survival as a concept has been absolutely perverted
Authenticity has been curated into a fine dehydrated powder
To keep a straight face is a Sisyphean chore

I am still the same
I am completely changed
I am still here

Promises of post-era behavior remain ignored
Even though we barely skated out alive
Existence is a Hadron collider of fact v fiction

Everyone now a degenerate gambler
Waiting for the next small-pot payout
Perseverance and resilience sell products and services