Bare (B4/C3/P58)

Veb 3 (B4/C3/P57)

Veb 2 (B4/C3/P56)

Veb 1 (B4/C3/P55)

Greetings (B4/C3/P54)


"Junk and bullshit just falls away."

- Richey Powell

Some Politics in Several Parts

1) Is someone president yet?

2) Bush got booed (lustily) at opening day for Nationals last night.

3) "No Change McCain" is my new political slogan (on the heels of "Bush = Lies").

4) My heart just ain't into it anymore. It's like pro hoops and college sports like that.

5) What ever.

Trick of the Light (B4/C3/P53)

Bay City Toy Co. (B4/C3/P52)

MTC (B4/C3/P51)


"It takes a mope to grow a mope."

- Mark Reed

Dude! Just Play the Game (B4/C3/P50)

Spaces 2 (B4/C3/P49)

Spaces 1 (B4/C3/P48)

The Road East (B4/C3/P47)

Nostalgia for the Ugliest Shit (B4/C3/P46)

Come Live Your Dream (B4/C3/P45)

Demographic (B4/C3/P44)

Bacon Tour '08 (B4/C3/P43)

At Jim's (B4/C3/P42)

Bucket 2008 (B4/C3/P41)

IAD/OAK - 17 F (B4/C3/P40)

Can you figure it out which is which?

Found (B4/C3/P39)

You go on a little vacation expecting some semblance of anonymity and, "hey, is your name Ty?" pops up, invariably. Geez.... Good to see you Molly and....Molly's husband (Jordan, Ryan, or, pardon my memory, Joryan?). Sorry. I should do better.

Dovey Lovey (B4/C3/P38)

Sistine & B (B4/C3/P37)

'Lectric Washouse (B4/C3/P36)

California Republic 2 - Fiat Lux - (B4/C3/P35)

California Republic 1 - There Will Be Blood - (B4/C3/P34)