market rate bidding war

market rate bidding war

10:17 para auriculares y cacao

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feels (and the end of the mopes)

take the time to feel
distinguish between the pain
and the suffering

too much space and time
too much being way too much
choice of either or

minding one’s business
courses running their courses
feeling those feelings





11:01 para auriculares y cacao

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Previously Untitled

perversely the universe decided it was a good idea to place my closest descendant's birth day and my closest ancestor's death day back to back


at present

i’m just embarrassed
to be me right now
exposed for my pathos
and the display of all sorts of weaknesses

emperor sans rags

but my strength(s)
lie(s) safely forever vaulted away
behind doors after mazes
onions fresh and whole

future already seen

salvaging valued scraps from ruins
nothing left to prove
to anyone anywhere
ever again


Happy Birthday Dave Gary Junior


ALL of the questions
are for me and me alone

need vis-à-vis desire
what. is. wrong. with. me.


Alone in the prison I constructed
the more I ponder the more secure it becomes

mirror mirror on the wall
who’d a guess I’d be my own fall


I guess it has been a long while
since I have been in here

It feels somehow much deeper, the
grief > loneliness > absence > regret


But I do possess the magic formula
if I do what I say and also as I do

ALL of the answers, hence
are mine and mine alone