Will Art For Stuff

Look what arrived at my door this today! Hurray for me, right? Someone asked me for a custom print of one of my spring pieces and I got this in the mail (after some fairly subtle hinting). See how this works now, people?

Not to diminish your fine gifts of t-shirts, but if you want to up the ante, I'll print stuff for you to frame for your growing art collection for the gear I need and we can take the whole complicated step of exchanging dirty money.

Thanks for the pedal, Luce Duke. Now hurry someone, ship me a 9v battery (totes JK, I'll take one out of the smoke detector, Lowell).


DoubleTalk in America

One-off group show thing with Johnny Meadows & Rickey Powell (Berkeley)
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The Mixy Vol. 2

Vol. 2, Part3:

The Mixy Vol. 2

Vol. 2, Part 2:

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See also: The Mixy Vol. 1


Good Riddance

Things can turn on dimes when baselines get ignored for anchors
Manic over depressive all overkill so good riddance

To shark's teeth and tiger's claws and screens on the windows
Let's dig holes inside of other holes until we speak Hakka

Life stories continue to amaze and amuse like those times when
Goldilocks nuzzles the Bear or Al Weiwei visits my dreams

And suddenly I realize oh that is me at the center suffocating all ego
Spinning around but insisting that I have some plans


Some Natty Attire

 Lookie what came in the mail today:

Thanks for the sweet shirt whomever you are, boh. Remember kids, I love free, cool stuff.