Less Is More

I suppose it is possible for there to come
a time when all the math all comes all together and
the results are: "Finally I have arrived"

A lifetime of tinkering, positioning,
customizing, and optimizing are
The crossroads of devils and angels

Another sweet spot
Another peak
Another lap around the playground
And gained this go-round is a full awareness
That it will all go away again and
you lose the very moment you forget that

Less crazy anxious antsy
Less bitter and unnecessarily involved in meaningless things
Less sad confused and lonely

This is good but it is only
Just less is more
Much, much more



Nothing Yet Worthy

I've been carrying this little notebook with me everywhere for the past couple of weeks and have not yet found anything worthy of writing.

How To Do A Thing 1

How To Do A Thing 2


Brief Debrief

Twelve Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far*

The cusp of birthdays always renders even my most jaded self a tiny bit reflective.

As I mentioned, I never conceived living this long. I didn’t have plans or goals reaching this far out. I still don’t. It’s all icing and improvisation now. Blessings versus curses.

Perhaps I can shape a little bit of my future by exploring my past a little bit. I’m thinking of starting with what I have learned to date.

What have I learned in half a century?

  1. I have learned that lack of talent can be neutralized with hustle & confidence.
  2. I have learned that leading is better than following.
  3. I have learned that I am not always right but I am usually right.
  4. I have learned that I can still make shit happen.
  5. I have learned that ambition can lead to very bad choices.
  6. I have learned that rules, procedures, & traditions are fungible constructs.
  7. I have learned that being better beats being worse.
  8. I have learned that there is value to customizing & optimizing.
  9. I have learned that some people are going to love you no matter what.
  10. I have learned that when it comes down to it, we’re all exactly the same.
  11. I have learned that it’s never too late to learn new things.
  12. I have learned that it’s really good to be king.
*not a comprehensive list but the number twelve is important to me

Begin: Department of Appropriations


It's Not Important

[you may click the photo, it's okay]

"What was the artist's intent? What was the context? It's not important." –Barbara

It's Not Important

"What do you see? Is it a barn? Is it a house? It's not important." –Barbara



[you may click the photo, it's okay]