East Summer West 2007 - Teaser II

East Summer West 2007
by Christine McGuinness and Ty Hardaway

will be released in September 2007

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Ask Ty...August 28

You might remember "Mold Man" from a previous Ask Ty! Well, we've made the move to the common room, and I'm happy to say that he's nowhere near as moldy as before.

The problem now, though, is the same guy, who sits a mere 20 feet from me, throughout the day, makes these loud hog-like snorts. He'll make several of them in a row, and maybe do it five or six times a day. I guess everyone else in the room is pretending not to hear it, because no one has said anything about it.

Ty, why is he doing this, and how can I get him to stop?

Just Wondering,

- Hog Adverse AKA Trippin' Mold While Working for the Man

(Hey, I think
Ask Ty! would be a good segment for Priceless Banter)
Ty: Good question and an even better observation, HA. And, you're right! Ask Ty! would be a great spot for Priceless Banter (the Kingdom of Leisure show starring Todd Hawking & Rich Rawlings). Priceless Banter (or "PB" as the kids say) is a show about a show, you know. Kind of like Jerry! but with much more of the swearing. It's full of illegal calls, copyright infringements, and other malicious and deliberate activities that we can get a way with since there is not attorney general now that AG Antonio Banderas has resigned. It would be great to do Ask Ty! on the big show. I could even make it "funny" or "irreverent." Gee. Thanks, HA.

Anyway. It is unclear where the derogatory term, "honky," originated but some argue that it is a put-down for nasal passage-impaired Caucasians who make "these loud hog-like [or goose-like] snorts" - thus, honking like a Canada goose.

Your co-worker has allergies (or is a cokehead). Your co-worker may be allergic to his own mold, perhaps. Occasionally, it seems, he has to snort the nasal and back drip into his throat (to spit or swallow) so that he can continue to breathe.

Now you understand. But that doesn't make him any less of a nasty, gross-ass motherfucker. A I right?

Right you are that most of your other co-workers are actively ignoring him. I mean, it's polite company you keep within your office. Get along to get along. But, there are ways to resolve this dissonance.

Next time he does this, gently clear your throat. You know, let him and others know that you noticed. Maybe he'll get the hint.

If that doesn't work, the next time you can pretend to cough while saying, "shutthefuckup" while making it sound like a gentle coughing.

If that doesn't work, the next time scream, "Fucking stop that you disgusting honky!"

  • On the TV show The Jeffersons, George Jefferson regularly referred to white people as honkies. This usage added a familiar, less offensive tone to the word, which caused some acceptance of the term when used in the appropriate company.
  • On an episode of Family Guy, to get out of jury duty Peter (a white man) attempts to pretend to be racist on an all-white jury and remarks "awful lot of honkies in here".
Get some headphones.

Just a guess. - Ty

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In 5th Grade I Won Some Contest About Trains



I'll be somewhat out of commission for a while...I'm all E18ed.




I'll be somewhat out of commission for a while...I'm all E18ed.