Shut Up or Something

From the podcast:

Like the "For Dummies" series, a new Million Dollar Idea Department "tough love" self-help series called, "Shut Up or Something."
Weight Loss? Shut Up, Fatty, and Run a Mile or Something

Social Problems? Shut Up, Loser, and Get a Life or Something

Anorexia? Shut Up, Boney, and Eat a Sandwich or Something

Slow? Shut Up, Retard, and Read a Book or Something

Poor? Shut Up, Free School Lunchy, and Get a Job or Something

Pimples? Shut Up, Zitty, and Wash your Face or Something

Questioning? Shut Up, Homo, and Enjoy Being Gay or Something

Drinking Problem? Shut Up, Lush, and Sober Up or Something

Pregnant? Shut Up, Preggo, and Raise Your Kid or Something

Aging Issues? Shut Up, Grandpa, and Live Before You Die or Something

Does God Exist? Shut Up, Zealot, and Learn About Science or Something
By 'em today!