Leaving Bethesda

I moved to Bethesda in July of1992. It was hot. It was humid. And the mid-Atlantic was very different than Santa Cruz, California – 15 years, a month, a couple of weeks and a few days ago.

Even though I moved out of Bethesda in 2001, I still worked then still delivered and retrieved the child from school in Bethesda. I believe I was the mayor for a while. I know the nooks and a few of the crannies. But, this is all winding up now.

Tomorrow is the last day that I will have a formal connection to Bethesda. The offspring is finishing up at the school she’s attended for five years, a month, a couple of weeks and a few days. She started as the youngest child at three-months and is finishing as the “oldest kid in the building.” Even the school has changed management, ownership, and several groups of teachers and caretakers. Sally, however, has been there the entire time.

So, yeah, my Bethesda phase is officially over. For the first time in over 15 years I will not have a reason to visit Bethesda on a daily basis. I won’t save my change or deliver fruit to specific homeless persons. I won’t need to get my hair cut, teeth cleaned or visit my physician in Bethesda. I won’t use dry cleaning services in Bethesda. I won’t go to Caribou on “the” corner. I won’t see construction projects completed in minute increments. No more VFW baseball, Booeymonger, or other special treats specific to Wood Mountain. Levels? Worlds? Leisure biking in parking garages. The Zone. All past.

Weird, huh?