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Ask Ty...August 30 [Another Jew/Black Question]

It must be Tuesday, Middlespace Cadets, because I'm answering your questions
Q: Dear Ty,

I bet you've never been introduced to someone, then seconds later heard them say in front of you something like "I've had my share of dealings with obnoxious black people." That's a big difference between the black/Jew racism thing. You probably don't hear the majority of the racist remarks people make about black people because they wouldn't dare say that with you listening. I, on the other hand, have heard countless remarks about Jews, the person assuming I'm of the same mind.

So, I'm at a political event last night, an election night party for one of the candidates here, and I'm introduced to a guy who then seconds later says something like "I've had my share of dealings with obnoxious Jews." Then, immediately after saying that, unsure if he made a mistake I guess, he looks (up) at me and says weekly, uh...sorry.

What, do I look Jewish or something?


Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Dabit. WELL...actually I've heard on more than one occasion, Dabit, someone say something about "blacks" moments after shaking my black hand and to my blackface. You'd lose the proposed bet, I think.

You see, I sometimes appear to be a friendly black (or as my friend Robin from Santa Cruz observed, "a non-threatening black" -- even though I'm not) who won't rob or rape you, so people are all "psychologically set-reset" into this daze-coma where they feel they can get a lot of shit off their chests...to me like I'm some JewBlack Guru. I've had people say the following to my face:
"Wow, you're not like the other blacks."
"What? You can't be Jewish."
"I'm not even frightened around you."
"You're not from the ghetto."
"I bet you can dance, huh?"
"You went to school, right?"
"Were your parents rich?"
"No wonder you're such a good drummer."
"Are there more black people like you?"
"Are you from India?"
"You don't dress like a black person."
What? Really? Yes! Really! Crazy ass white people say the craziest ass racist and demeaning shit, man. I swear. I mean, shut the fuck up with that, already. I've heard a bunch of ignorant stuff in my day (I'm almost 45) but you're right, Dabit, I still probably have not heard "the majority of the racist remarks people make about black people because they wouldn't dare say that with you listening." I guess we'd have to split your proposed bet there.

But to your question, directly, do you look Jewish? Hell if I know, Dabit. I suppose if all Jews magically looked some specific way then you may or may not look Jewish. I mean, you don't have any star of David tattoos like the Nazis forced upon millions of people (the rat bastards) or anything. I really can't see horns or claws in your photograph, so I guess you don't look like a Jew. But what do I know? Nothin', that's what!

So when this character in your story remarked about "obnoxious Jews" and then weakly apologized, did you call him out on that shit? I would have. I'm getting sick to death of all the hatred, fear, and bullshit from frightened little people. There really are no differences between the blacks and the Jews or anybody else for that matter. C'mon?

Both Jews and blacks have been victimized people from way back in small times. We have been misunderstood and "misunderestimated" (thanks George W. Bush) since like forever. In fact, Jews and blacks rule if you really ponder all of business and sports and science and...sports! So I think we should really try to do a better job of being close(r) friends [clicky], don't you think?

I used to think that Hitler hated me but now I just believe it's Glenn Beck who really hates me (in his self-loathing, cowardly liar kind of way). And with that, Dabit, it's time for a new t-shirt:

But I'm cool with it so why aren't you?

Just a guess,



The Cake I Baked Today

Because I told you I was going to bake this cake.

Back to School - I'll Drive the Bus Now

It's been a long while but I'm back on the job after what could arguably be described as a "transformative" break. How "transformative" you ask? Well I got away from my old routines (and habits, I suppose) long enough that I cannot really remember what it is I do. I'm certain what I do is documented somewhere on this interweb but I have tremendous difficulty looking in the rear view.

Mostly, I can only do what I believe it is I do from instinct rather than from script, job description, or memory. First off, today, I will bake a cake. After I finish my sandwich.

You may not like us for what it is we do sometimes (cowboys) but never forget that we here to do what is right (angels).
I call bullshit on ignorance, pretension, and lies
I'm barely able to look you in your eyes
Grow up and have a heart
Look in the mirror, that's a start
And I am listening to Radiolarians.


Straight Ownin'

Now We're Slowly Slipping Into The Darkness

Point & shoot Rockin' it in Post

People upload their moon and sunset photos for the world to see and awe (ahhh) upon but these people don't have the post-production equipment or skillsets to finish the job which is too bad because I generally love their moon and sunset photographs but I cry Real Art School Tears over the digital noise remnants left by their point & shoot cameras because they are distracting from the composition and the the pro cameras eliminate this "noise" but the point & shoots don't so you have to suck the image files into some software and do the old Ansel Adams lab job on them and make 'em all "purty" and real-real and such but these photographs are barely retouched except for the removal of that distracting digital noise remnants so I guess I got the upper hand on some things actually because I found these shots on a point & shoot camera in my house that I forgot I took and posted them here for you to enjoy with me without the digital noise remnants and such thanks because I really like photographs of the moon and sky as you obviously know already.

As Always Process Is King

TyFact #27: Approximately one in six pieces shipped from Middlespace Arts arrives with broken glass.


Post 6,000 - Cart Before Horse - August 22, 2010

  1. Open Christmas Store in early August.
  2. Advertise for Halloween Shoppe that will open in September inside your Christmas Store in late August.
  3. How 'bout this: close your Christmas Store (and Halloween Shoppe) in October to make room for Summertime Fun Store to open in November...just in time for Christmas.

Swagger Wagon


Marking Time

Angels & Cowboys - Part I

You think you know us
Since we behave like cowboys
But we are angels


Goodbye Walloon

Bittersweet: A Public Private Partnership

Heroes created as heroes destroyed
In the public eye our public mugging perfected
The ordinary Joe and the Townie who hit it big
Lifted high upon shoulders only
For better angles and sight lines when
Teeth are kicked-out for spectacle and diversified ad buys
Brand maintenance no longer gift from the gods
But political necessity for sale from consultants
As the artists birth and shepherd
Their progeny to eventual self-slaughter
At risk is accolade
At risk is recognition and all of
The addictive perks that pair
With putting the self all out there and such
For even mothers and lovers and children to know
The deeper and the darker truths within
But perhaps one's truly greatest output comes as a result
Of narrowed and quieted and dedicated attention
To detail and under-appreciated remnant characteristics
Of a respectful patient focus

Bittersweet: People

Bittersweet: Spaces