The Art of Dying Poem

Guys randomly discussing guitar electronics
With phrases such as "soulful dirt ass sound"
And "liquid in my hands"
All the gear-talk sans actual guitars or electronics
And I wrote it all down for later which is now

Sought and elusive matters most
Time contrived lost or found
La Grande Illusion by Renoir, Jean
Deadlines of make-believe

It is never a joke when sometimes fun
Nor cute nor amusing nor without purpose
Conceptually larger than some limits or boundaries
Paydays deferred from now for then
The it all adds up somehow bet

Now it can be said
Since it has all been done before
A certain trepidation with
The new kid at the old school
Hovering above all frays

Still the discussion continues
Over best amps and best heads
For gigs versus recording
I laugh again aloud this time
And excuse myself to be alone