Back to School - I'll Drive the Bus Now

It's been a long while but I'm back on the job after what could arguably be described as a "transformative" break. How "transformative" you ask? Well I got away from my old routines (and habits, I suppose) long enough that I cannot really remember what it is I do. I'm certain what I do is documented somewhere on this interweb but I have tremendous difficulty looking in the rear view.

Mostly, I can only do what I believe it is I do from instinct rather than from script, job description, or memory. First off, today, I will bake a cake. After I finish my sandwich.

You may not like us for what it is we do sometimes (cowboys) but never forget that we here to do what is right (angels).
I call bullshit on ignorance, pretension, and lies
I'm barely able to look you in your eyes
Grow up and have a heart
Look in the mirror, that's a start
And I am listening to Radiolarians.