Middlespace Administrative Notification

I will be away for while with no major connectivity. So The Kingdom of Leisure world wide website will be on part-time status for like a couple of weeks.

When I get to some interwebs, I will try to post some Robert Frank-ish stuff here and photos of my show in case you don't go (and since I can't go).

Oh yeah, the show, we're hanging a Julius Tyrone exhibit called Ars Moriendi at Chloe's Coffee and Gallery beginning on Monday August 9 in the year of our Lord. And by "we" I mean someone other than myself, thanks. The show is a Father of the Year v. Working From Home epic battle to the death. Check that shit out. Reception TBA.

The exhibit is the companion piece to the just completed Album of the same title. See?

All the usual should-I-perish caveats apply.

Catch up with the old stuff while I'm away.