Getting to Nothing
Sometimes it seems that the majority of time effort and energy
is burned getting to nothing

Where “nothing” is the briefest of moments
of balance clarity purity and space

Moments where things are simultaneously
all-caught-up in-progress and pre-planned

These are the transitional segues between
all the things that otherwise occupy

As the obvious can be mistaken for cliché
getting to nothing is the path to middlespace


Look Under The Tiny Little Mirrors I

Maybe Or
Maybe it's reconciliation
or self-reconciliation or
some sort or cosmic
or karmic balancing

Maybe it's a last desperate
gamble to hold onto one last thing
or to tell the story from
a perspective bathed in experience

Maybe it's a seasonal nostalgia
or the cycling of sun and emotion
or just an increasing comprehension
that the days and months and years are shortening

Look Under The Tiny Little Mirrors II


• There are things about me that only I know

Other than secrets and truths there are
beliefs and preferences – affiliations and biases.
Only I know the context and the history.
Only I know the whys.

• There are things about me that only I will know

I know what frights and I know what soothes.
I know the effects of time and proximity.
I know the associations with smell
and the angle of the sun.

• There are things about me no one needs to know

The degree to which shame, embarrassment,
loss and guilt sting is unique to me.
As are pride, arrogance and joy.
Only I know what it is I see.

• There are things about me you should know


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