Glory of Love

I have been to America and America
loves me the way America always has

A day that began on odd notes
only continues to deeply satisfy

There is a certain perverse satisfaction
from both the predicted and the surprise

Elements of situations that determine
the size and shape of our memories

As much as I have always tried
I cannot be anything other than this

It has never really been about the win
but how much impact on reshaping the game



the question recently arose
about thresholds and impacts
How do we know?
When do we know-know?

i, for one, am hesitant to ask
appearances being what they are
where i have to play the one
with more answers than questions

that thing i said about loneliness
it’s not what i meant
but, still, i might actually
outlive all the other ones

an ambitious agenda
never to go to waste
as our most liberal president
the king of the americas

it’s never over until
they shut the lights & locks the doors
When do we know?
How do we know-know?


Torture Confessions

What is the promise of America?
What is the purpose of et cetera?
Revelation that we are not who we
believed ourselves to be (anymore)
Instead we are dirtier creepier afraid

This thing we are all having tug of war
“Flag Feelings” over is nothing more
(than) smoke and mirrors on a poll

In an era – at a time – in an age
where truth will never again exist
An extinction missed by even the experts
during the Torture Confessions

Honesty is sedition
Inclusion is Rebellion
Innocence will not be tolerated

While there is power in numbers
only the individual can unlock absolution
Out there are only the questions
In here is the answer key
But you will be expelled for cheating

The Consequences of Freedom

Point and laugh and never stop
The emperor stands naked before us
Vainglorious compensation manifestations
to dismiss and ignore from superior vantages
Heap upon thee ridicule by the shovelful
And resist even the ostensibly conciliatory
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

The falsest of flags the fakest of news
Wither before the goldenest of rules
Vertices of lies webs of insanity
Eleven September and sniper guys
Continue to survive and survive to continue
We have all the power
How come we never talk anymore?